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Globetrotters Continue To Score On The Court

24 August 2019  

Fan participation remains big thrill for many

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters brought their comedic style of basketball play to the Findley Toyota  Center in Prescott Valley last night. Once again their opponent was the ho-hum, less entertaining, Washington Generals. 

A half an hour before start time I found four teens from Prescott High School, who were anxiously awaiting for the latest Globetrotter experience to begin. Zack Regalado, Milap Owens, Lance Scalabrine, and Jacob Brown had similar, but different takes on the Globetrotters game against the Generals.

Zack Regalado just thought it was a big deal for the Globetrotters to come to town. "This is really a cool experience, and I am proud that they have chosen to come to my hometown. I can't wait for it to start."  

Milap Owens said that this is his first time to see the Globetrotters play. "I am expecting a lot of action and stuff you don't usually see on the basketball court.”

Lance Scalabrine  said that this was his first time to see the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. "I am pretty excited about getting to finally see them play. I am thinking it is going to be high scoring"

Jacob Brown said it was his second time to see the Globetrotters. The last time he was a lot younger. "I came here when was a kid and had a really good time? I am  excited to see all the different players this time, and the personalities they bring on the court.”

I decided to ask each one of them to pick the winner and final score of the game, like there was any doubt who the winning team would be.  Zack picked the Globetrotters 120-79, Milap also picked the Trotters by a 110-69 score. Lance clearly thought it would be a run and gun affair, with the Globetrotters winning 140-99. Jacob thought it would be more controlled, and closer, with the Trotters winning 107-88.

Once the game began the action was nonstop with some of the wildest court behavior you will ever see. If you have never been to a Harlem Globetrotter game, your family is missing out. 

The Trotters built an early lead that grew as the teams went into halftime. Meanwhile a local lady showed us her dance moves with the Trotters center, Big Easy. Eventually, the husband got into the act. The only thing I will tell you is that they have been married for six years, and have known each other for ten. 

The final quarter saw some Impressive slow motion antics, that included a crowd participating slow motion wave, that took a long time to get around the arena. A Washington General pulled the plug literally on the scoreboard, resulting in the Globetrotter fan energy to motivate them to victory. As for the final score, who really knows, because once the scoreboard was unplugged, that was that. Although, I would have to say that Jacob's pick was the closest.

Fans were invited onto the court after the game to seek autographs from the team. There were smiles and laughter all around as the Event Center crowd made there way out, and for many they left with some very nice memories.

The Globetrotters continue their road show tonight at Gila River Arena in Glendale. Start time is 7pm. On Saturday, there will be two game times (Noon and 5pm), at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in downtown Phoenix. 


Ron Williams

Ron Williams is the advisor, broadcaster, and sportswriter for the BBN, Badger Broadcasting Network. The BBN is a community club for high school students enrolled in the Prescott Unified School District.