Today: Dec 07 , 2019

It’s Time to Feel the Earth Move

08 August 2019  

Khris Dodge Entertainment presents The Tapestry Album Live in Concert at the Elks Theatre.

This Saturday night the Elks Theatre will host the return of a unique production by Khris Dodge Entertainment, The Tapestry Album Live in Concert:The Music of Carole King. In her solo performance of Carole King’s music, the show’s headliner, Kathrine Byrnes, will approach the daunting task of bringing to life some of King’s greatest hits by performing her most famous album, Tapestry, from start to finish.

Singer Byrnes states that when she first started doing the Tapestry Album Live in Concert, “I was very, very focused on paying proper respect to Carole King because she is such an amazing artist.” But over time she’s developed a more relaxed, spontaneous style. “I’ve learned to let the songs propel themselves, tell a story in their own way, and teach me how to make them fresh each time I sing them.”

Katherine Byrnes2 web.jpg

Listening to the 1971 Grammy-winning Tapestry album helps music lovers understand what a gifted storyteller King is. Concertgoers will get to see and hear for themselves this Saturday, August 10, as The Tapestry Album Live in Concert:The Music Of Carole King, returns to the Elks Theater for a 7:00 pm show.

The show premiered on the Elk’s stage a little over a year ago to a full house, raucous applause, and dancing in the aisles. "When you have an album that starts out with such classic hits as “I Feel the Earth Move”,“So Far Away”, and “It’s Too Late”, you think, “it can’t get better than this….but then it does,” says music director and keyboard player Khris Dodge.“Each song takes you on a journey and Kathrine lets us go along for the ride. We love that everyone sings along, gets up and dances, and shares in the joy.”

The first half of the show features the entire album in order. Byrnes says that the genius rests with King’s sequencing of the songs on the album.“I love the ebb and flow of the album—how it builds and then pulls back. It feels natural.” In the second half, Byrnes dips into King’s extensive list of compositions to sing some of the hits that she wrote for other artists, including Paul Anka, Bobby Vee, and The Drifters.

The Tapestry Album Live in Concert: The Music of Carole King is produced by Khris Dodge Entertainment.Tickets are available by calling the Elks Theater,928.777.1370 or by going to Prescott Elks Theatre. Ticket prices range from $22-$30.