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Wildland Fire Near Granite Dells Estate Subdivision

01 July 2019   Conrad Jackson

Wildland Fire near Granite Dells Parkway

At 8pm Sunday, firefighters from Prescott Fire Department and Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority responded to a report of a wildland fire along the Granite Dells Parkway between Highway 89A and the Granite Dells Estates subdivision.  A total of three structure engines, two brush engines, and a Battalion Chief responded to the incident.  The crews found an approximately one acre fire progressing through grass and brush in the area.  The first two arriving engines established a perimeter using their hoselines and were able to stop the fire’s forward progress before it could advance to the highway.  The additional units helped in knocking down any hot pockets within the fire.  Fortunately the fire started after sunset and the cooler temperatures and slacking winds helped keep the fire intensity down, allowing for a faster knockdown of the fire.  Firefighters were on the scene for two hours eliminating all the hot spots.  Crews will be checking on the fire to ensure there are no flare ups.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.  Anyone who noticed unusual activity in the area around that time is encouraged to contact the fire department’s non-emergency number of 445-5357 with their information.

The fire department would like to remind everyone that with the spike in temperatures this past week, the plentiful grass from the wet spring is primed and ready to burn.  Multiple grass fires have occurred in the region over the past week.  Please be mindful when pulling off the road that an engine’s catalytic converter can ignite grasses.  Dragging tow chains are also a common source of ignition, and this week in particular, the illegal use of fireworks poses a high risk of starting a fire.  Please exercise an abundance of caution when working with any potential ignition sources.