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Prescott Film Festival Offers Elegance With Entertainment

12 June 2019   Kristina Abbey

Two Balloons and Olympia

On Monday night, the Prescott Film Festival hosted an evening of elegance and great entertainment. Ticket holders were treated to two movies, Two Balloons and Olympia. Two Balloons is a stop-motion animated short film, written and directed by Mark Smith. The story follows two lemurs who find adventure travelling around the globe in their dirigibles. Eventually, they find their way to happiness together. Olympia, a coming of age story about Olympia Welles, follows the struggling artist who finds herself at a crossroads in life. Overwhelmed by an unsatisfactory life, Olympia must make important decisions and her story follows as she makes these choices with humor and grace.

Prior to the movie showing, the college hosted a special dinner on the upper level of the Performing Arts Center. The delicious meal was prepared by Chef Robert Barr of the Sedona Culinary School of Yavapai College. In his welcome to the dinner guests, Chef Barr told how he and the culinary staff worked hard to create a three-course meal to mirror the feature film, Olympia. Wine pairings for the dinner were carefully selected and presented by Director of Viticulture and Enology with Yavapai College, Michael Pierce. Patrons of the dinner enthused about the lovely, elegant set up created within the performing arts center as well as the fantastic meal. A jazz duo set the tone of the evening, playing lively tunes while patrons enjoyed samples of various wines prior to and during dinner service.

Once dinner concluded, the guests of the meal as well as those who purchased tickets for the movie showings, made their way into the theater of the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. A speaker welcomed the audience and introduced various upcoming events at this week’s film festival, including a special dinner hosted by El Gato Azul on Wednesday night preceding the features of the night.

The 8th annual Prescott Film Festival has so much to offer anyone with an interest in cinema. Throughout the day, workshops are offered and in different films are offered every night. Special events are taking place throughout the week, including special hosted dinners, guest speakers, an even a sing along on Saturday. To learn more about the activities for the week, be sure to visit the film festivals webpage at