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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: March 26, 2019

26 March 2019  

Lots on the agenda today! Including some items that are a little bit controversial!


 Agenda  Agenda Packet 



1. Roll Call


A. Presentation on the Hilton Garden Inn.

Trustees of Prescott College have approved the sale of the Sam Hill Warehouse to the hIlton Garden Inn.

a. Public Benefits Analysis and Comparable Valuations


Parking approximately 140 parking spaces.

Design: Here's what it will look like: 

b. Rendering - Montezuma Street


c. Rendering - Granite Street


The building is about the same height as the bank building. 

In the amount they are paying, $2.1M in what they are doing for the City, it ends up being about $31.23 per square foot in compensation to Prescott. There will be 101 rooms.

Sischka points out that this project will make this area of downtown much more viable. 

Council Memo Printout 

B. Recommendations from the Mayor's Commission on Facility Optimization and Property Usage.

This corner purchased in 1904, built and opened in 1963. Once referred to as a white monstrosity. Pop at the time 12,861.

It is inefficient - to operate out of so many facilities. 

The RODEO GROUNDS is not being considered for sale. 

The post office does not appear to be a good fit for the City of Prescott.

Short Term:

Consolidate, co-locate to reduce inefficiencies.

Out of the landlord business - for leasing property. Thinks there is some liability. Sell it to BGCC.

Ask for an RFP for the the current city hall. 

The committee wants to remain close to downtown. 

Unlikely without debt to accommodate current staff. 

Not efficient to run so many buildings with so few people inside them.

Needed capitol repairs on this building in the next 5 years. 

We don't see a way to make a change right now. But, it can be a start of a conversation.

Blair states: Thank you - could they get with PUSD and evaluate Mile High? He proposes acquiring Mile High. 

One possibility is to build up (higher) in this location. 

Phil Goode thinks that the PSPRS debt needs to be paid down a little more. "This is a multi-year project and plan..."

All facilities together 35K right now. Cost between $250/350 s/f to build a new facility.

The conversation was started because of a desire to improve customer service from City staff.

Justin Scott recommends co-locating some of the departments. 

RFP: Private sector for specific site - 

Co-location: Public Works and Community Development. Find a way to put them together.  

document Council Memo Printout

C. Briefing on Recently Completed Community Risk Assessment/Standards of Cover results and findings.

Working towards federal accreditation for the Fire Department.

 Don Bivens - 

Response and deployment capability.

65 Firefighters

Fire Suppression

Emergency medical services

Technical rescue

Risks of note:

  • Wildfire
  • Winter storm
  • Historic downtown fires

12.1% increase over past 9 years.

Vast majority of call demand is in downtown area.

The desire is for PFD to operate as effectively/efficiently as possible

Use smaller units 

Wants a response time of 8 minute or less.

Peopld + Tools + Time

Needs 14 firefighters for a single structure fire with 3 trucks.

Time is the enemy of fire and medical responses.

Dispatch center: outstanding performance.

Turn out time missed: About 30 seconds.

2017: 23 minutes average for all resources to arrive to incident.

Add another FF to structure responses. 

Reduce turnout time intervals. 

Focus on safety. 

Reduce travel time by adding fire stations. 

Proposing at 51, 71, 72, 74 2 units during day, dropping down to 1 per night. 

Implementation of community risk strategies: education programs to address concerns, community partnerships.

Improve efficiencey of response to emergency medical incidents - need to triage medical calls.

Some calls - ambulance only, some fire only. Triage will help that.

Fuels management plan.

Removed fuels regrow within 7 years to original growth. Need more fuels management staff. 

Some areas in the community could replicate Paradise, CA fire.

Identify safe zones to relocate to.

Dedicated emergency response routes in.

Find egress for evacuation.

8/10 most frequent calls come from sr. Facilities and rehab facilities. 

796 out of 951 are from "frequent fliers".

Community paramedic program. 

Work with managers of high frequency facilities to ensure fd resources are not being overused. 

 Planning to work on strategic management planning within the next couple of days. 

Same amount of fire fighters as they had in 1992.

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 Agenda  Agenda Packet 



Former Councilman Len Scamardo passed away.


1. Father Ian Emile Dunn, All Saints Anglican Church


A. Councilman Lamerson

5. ROLL CALL: All here.


A. Vietnam Veterans Day: Read by Councilman Phil Goode.


A. Approval of draft minutes for the March 12, 2019 Study Session and the March 12, 2019 Voting Meeting.

document Council Memo Printout

a. March 12, 2019 Study Session Draft Minutes

b. March 12, 2019 Voting Meeting Draft Minutes

B. Approval of a Letter of Support for the Center for the Future at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Center for the Future Letter of Support 

C. Approval of Amendment A1 to City Contract No. 2014-161 for an extension with Prescott Media Center. The contract renewal amount is for $92,000.00 and is a budgeted expense from the General Fund, paid by Cable Franchise Fees.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Amendment A1 to City Contract No. 2014-161

b. City Contract No. 2014-161 with Prescott Community Access Channel

D. Approval of Grant Applications to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety in the total amount of $73,015.00, for funds to offset overtime costs related to DUI and Traffic Enforcement. This grant also includes the purchase of two laser speed detection systems.

document Council Memo Printout

E. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to City Contract No. 2019-119 with Precision Concrete Cutting, Inc., to increase the original contract amount by $25,000.00 for a total not to exceed amount of $50,000.00 for precision cutting of sidewalks. Funding is available in the Streets Fund.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Exhibit A- City of Maricopa 2017 Final Contract

b. Purchase Order 2190235 from Precision Concrete Cutting

c. FY19 Trip Hazard Elimination Map

F. Approval of Contract No. 2019-203 with Natural Channel Design for Granite Creek Corridor Master Plan services in the amount not to exceed $52,254.50. Funding is available in the Grants Fund.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Professional Services Agreement

G. Approval for Arizona Public Service (APS) to perform night work on McCormick Street between Gurley and Goodwin Street; and Beach Avenue from Summit Avenue to McCormick Street, 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. between March 27 and April 5, 2019.

document Council Memo Printout

a. APS Night Work Location Map

b. APS Customer Outreach Letter

H. Approval of City Contract No. 2019-205 ratifying a hauling services contract with Fann Contracting Inc, in an amount not to exceed $55,000.00. Funding is available in the Street Fund.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Yavapai County Contract No. 2018-129

I. Approval of Amendment No. 1, to City Contract No 2019-192 with Fann Contracting, Inc. for Operated Equipment services, in an amount not to exceed $75,000.00. Funding is available in the Street Fund.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Yavapai County Contract No. 2018-434

b. Cooperative Purchase Agreement, City Contract 2019-192

Consent agenda passes unanimously. 


A. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1649 authorizing purchase and acceptance of a public drainage easement from Dorothy Wakefield.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2019-1649

b. Agreement for Sale of Public Drainage Easement

c. Vicinity Map

Passes 7-0



1. Public Hearing and consideration for a Multi-License Acquisition of Control liquor license application for a Series 10 Beer & Wine Store liquor license from Jodi L. Vurnovas, applicant, for Good 2 Go; Location: 4888 E Hwy 69.

document Council Memo Printout


b. R19-1-702

2. Public Hearing and consideration for a Multi-License Acquisition of Control liquor license application for a Series 10 Beer & Wine Store liquor license from Jodi L. Vurnovas, applicant, for Good 2 Go; Location: 3179 Willow Creek Rd.

document Council Memo Printout


b. R19-1-702

Both pass unanimously 



A. Appointment of Members to the Airport Advisory Committee, Board of Adjustment, Fire Board of Appeals, Industrial Development Authority, Planning & Zoning Commission, Prescott Preservation Commission and Tourism Advisory Committee.

document Council Memo Printout

They received 60 applications in total!

a. 2019 BCC Appointment Recommendations

Motion passes 7-0, now they are getting sworn in. 

B. Briefing to Council Regarding Property In and Around the Dells.

document Council Memo Printout

The City owns 1892 acres of Open Space in Granite Dells already.

"You have to have an active buyer and seller before you make a purchase." Councilman Blair said, who is giving background and history on the Open Space issues. 

C. Adoption of Resolution No. 2019-1681 endorsing Save the Dells official position regarding Arizona Eco Development's annexation, rezoning, and development in the Granite Dells.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Save the Dells Resolution No. 2019-1681

First, Tom Rusing makes a presentation to the Council.

He reviews the petition. 

"We acknowledge, the new maps presented by Arizona ECO is an improvement..." Rusing said. But, he thinks that more must be done.

Two students Sedona Ortega, who is 13(?) and Suli (3rd grader) are making comments and a presentation. "We want open space protected in our community."

She created postcards and has gotten 500 signed. 

Suli Sherman interviewed people to ask them what they thought of the Granite Dells. 88% of the residents, 100% of the business owners want the Dells to remain as they are now.

Comments (please forgive us if names are misspelled):

Gary Beverly: "I have a stake in the quality of life in the Prescott Area." He is Chair of the Yavapai County Sierra Club. "Arizona Eco's new concept represents progress, but is not adequate."

Says the City has a very strong negotiating position. Wants improved transparency.

Joe Trudeau: Co-Founder of the Save the Dells and currently Chair. Says that Save the Dells can be "their rock" to the Council. Thinks that public sentiment leans towards the STD proposal. "Not a take, this is an exchange here."

Jesse Robbins (sp?): 4th generation citizen of Prescott. Working as an archeologist. The Dells are a "tangible turning point" for the residents of Prescott. 

Jeff Martin: Another archeologist. Working in experimental archeologist. What about the "prehistory" - over 30 identified sites in the Dells. Recently seen an increase in archeology thefts.

Amber Fields: Vice-Chair for Save the Dells. A Whiskey Row business owner. AED submitted a revised concept - some open space gains. Says new maps are vague and misleading.

Tom Whittaker: From the UK. Now an American citizen. As a disabled person, he could get into a kayak, "The wilderness is free..."

Pat Grissom: I want the rocks to stay as they are, I love them.

Grant Quesada: Collectively come together as a community. Points out importance of property rights. Defense of the Constitution... Even when, or especially when we don't like what it produces. 

Geri Smith Fornara: She says she wrote the clean air and water acts that were signed by Nixon. "I want to say, you need to look at what Cavan did before he lost this land."

Joseph Powell: "I see nothing but shortsightedness." "We keep saying, 'it's ours, it's ours' but it's not." "If I invested in that land, I'm going to do with it, what the Constitution allows me to do with it... It's just a pile of rocks. Rocks are everywhere." "If they were our Prescott rocks, we wouldn't be here right now... We need to be realistic about this. This is somebody's investment. Think through this."

Elaine Pagliocity (sp?): The Dells were here for a long time (paraphrase). A place people go to celebrate and to mourn. 

Mayor Mengarelli asks for new ideas and to keep it on the resolution.

Ashley Fine: Wants to have them adopt the resolution. She brings up Elisabeth Ruffner's heritage.

Joseph Bagley: Talks about Chicago's Lake Park. 

Judy Saul: I've lived in Prescott for 27 years, raised my children here. 'Our economy is going to be well-served if we take the longer view.... Protect and preserve this as a park."

Joyce (?): "You by law represent us..." How is it justifiable... For this destruction. How does this return anything of true value or equal value?

Scott Evans: Resident of Prescott since early 70's. 

Mengarelli thanks them, and cuts off comments. 

City Attorney Paladini makes a presentation:

"Non-binding" resolution: For the purposes of the city, there is no such thing. "This particular resolution has a lot of specifics in it... It would be binding on the council."

Prop 400, approved in November 2009? Need to do cost/benefit analysis. 

Issues to be concerned about

1. We don't have a submittal - technically it's been effectively withdrawn. 

2. Process: Submittal received, staff goes over it for hundreds of hours, then to P&Z, then to Council. 

3. This resolution sets a threshold, "If you don't meet this threshold, don't bother to apply." None of the previous annexations had any pre-conditions. 

4. Issue of due process. 

5. Equal protection - you have to treat applicants roughly the same. This annexation is unique, yes, but the process needs to be the same.

6. Exaction analysis. Supreme Court decision of Nollan Dolan - is it a valid request or extortion?

Rough proportionality: Amount of exaction has to roughly correspond to what the government/community shares.

7. Some citizen inititatives are prone to unintended consequences. 

The resolution would be binding, sets out specific number of acres, and area on a map.

"It's 500 acres out of 866."

"I have some serious concerns, I don't tell you how to vote... Decisions are defensible legally."

This is well-intentioned, but not vetted in the normal process. 

The normal process hasn't been done yet, this resolution is premature. "I have some serious concerns about this that you have some legal exposure if you adopt this resolution today." 

"High consequence, low frequency."

Mengarelli agrees that the resolution is well-intentioned. "This council takes this very seriously in considering the resolution before us."

"If we adopt the resolution, we're essentially drawing a 500 acre line in the sand," Mengarelli said. "We don't really have the application before us."

Mengarelli says he shares the frustration of waiting, but they don't have a full application.

Blair is not willing to have his back to the wall. 

Concerns as to the timing and specificity of the resolution.

Councilwoman Orr: Thinks the bar has been moved. She also thinks its important to protect property rights. 

Councilman Sischka: Thanks everyone for being so civil. "I'm not ready to vote positively for annexation, I'm also not ready to vote for 500 acres or nothing, nothing doesn't look pretty."

Councilwoman Scholl: Been influenced by Save the Dells. She is concerned that adopting this resolution will affect the negotiations. 

Goode: Considers himself a dedicated Constitutionalist. Points to property rights. "I understand that this is privately owned property." My original thought was that this would be a non-binding resolution that would send a strong message to the developer. Doesn't like the wording or the timing. At this point I am not in a point of accepting this now based on the fact that it would be a binding resolution.

Lamerson: Individually, I wouldn't like the Dells developed at all, but I don't own the land. "I would encourage Mr. Lamar to continue the negotiations."

Billie Orr: I'm the optimist, let's get what we can. "Every challenge has an opportunity."

They vote unanimously to deny the resolution.

D. Award of City Contract No. 2019-204 to Asphalt Paving & Supply, Inc. for the Willow Lake Road and Prescott Lakes Parkway Intersection Improvements Project, in the amount of $474,747.47. Funding is available in the Street Fund.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Willow Lake Road and Prescott Lakes Parkway Vicinity Map

The work should begin in about 1 1/2 weeks, and must be completed within 45 days.

The council expresses their support.


E. Rezoning of City owned parcels in and around West Granite Creek Park from Business Regional and Natural Open Space to Downtown Business District and Recreation Space.

document Council Memo Printout

a. Parcels Affected by the Rezoning

b. General Extent of Rezoning

c. Ordinance No. 2019-1659

d. Ordinance Exhibit A - Legal Description

e. Ordinance Exhibit B Rezoning Map

f. Zoning Vicinity Map

g. Aerial Vicinity Map


F. Legislative Update


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