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Arizona ECO Delivers New Map, Response to City of Prescott

25 March 2019  

The revised map includes a total of 452 acres of Open Space. 

Jason Gisi, CEO of Arizona ECO Development (AED), has delivered a revised map and a written narrative to the City of Prescott, responding to public concerns raised largely by the Save the Dells Political Action Committee (PAC).

In his response, Gisi makes an effort to clear up some potential misconceptions, “The public debate, whether intentionally or unintentionally,” Gisi explains, “ has resulted in some misunderstandings of the facts and circumstances regarding AED’s annexation application.”

After reviewing the background of how AED came into possession of the property through bankruptcy

court, Gisi notes, “To AED’s knowledge, no private conservation group or governmental entity sought to purchase all or any part of Granite Dells Ranch (GDR) out of the Bankruptcy proceeding.”

In all, AED is proposing 244 acres to be donated to Open Space, plus another 152 acres of private open space. Added to other smaller portions of Open Space land it totals to about 452 acres. 

“Save the Dells has undertaken a campaign demanding that COP (City of Prescott) adopt the Save the Dells position that requires AED donate 500 acres of AED’s most valuable private property for public use as a condition of annexation,” Gisi said. 

“AED can find no precedent in COP, Yavapai County, the Town of Prescott Valley or any other municipal or county governmental entity for a demand that a private property owner donate private property for public use as part of an annexation application,” Gisi continued. "In the same geographic area of the proposed South Annexation, recent subdivisions were not subject to any such requirement having been required to provide non-public open space according to the City of Prescott Land Development Code."

“Save the Dells is overreaching and as a result is not acting in the best interest of COP or the public. While Save the Dells has the right to petition COP, it is important that COP not be politically coerced by Save the Dells into any position regarding negotiation of an overall equitable annexation agreement,” Gisi stated. 

“Whether annexed into COP or not, GDR will be developed,” Gisi said. 

See the full text of his letter to the city and also the entire map below. 

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.