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ViciLee Jacobs Resigns from Central Yavapai Fire District

21 December 2018  

Central Yavapai Fire District (CYFD) Board Director ViciLee Jacobs has resigned from her elected position. 

During the unexpected announcement of her resignation, Director Jacobs read a statement to the Board, explaining, "This decision did not come without a great deal of thought, however caring for family members has become the priority in my life," Jacobs then offered an emotional thank you to the entire crew and all firefighters/paramedics that responded with professionalism and superior care to her mother over the past years.

Jacobs also thanked taxpayers for their vote and support and promised to continue having their best interests in mind.

After she made her statement, Director Jeff Wasowicz thanked Jacobs for her service over the past 4½ years and wished her well, as did Matt Zurcher. Fire Chief Freitag also wished her well. Director Darlene Packard did not comment. 

Jacobs was the longest-serving member of the Board at the time of her resignation. During her tenure on the Board, the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority (CAFMA) was created, and the new Administration Building in Prescott Valley was purchased and moved into. Jacobs was frequently at odds with her fellow board members over certain aspects of CAFMA, believing that the way the new organization was set up directly interfered with her ability to properly serve the taxpayers and do her due diligence. Despite  several topics of contention, Jacobs typically voted in favor of matters supporting the staff and firefighters when she believed it was fiscally feasible to do so.

The Board did not discuss replacing Jacobs at this meeting. 

In other Board news, Dane Beck was sworn in as the newest Board member, along with Packard, who is serving a 2nd term. Matt Zurcher was then chosen as Board Chair and Packard was voted in as Board Clerk. Wasowicz, Zurcher and Packard will continue to represent CYFD on the CAFMA Board.


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