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Elections: The Day After

07 November 2018  

It’s the morning after election night! Here are the results as far as we know.

The 2018 General Election is officially over, but that doesn't mean we have all the answers. With hundreds of thousands of outstanding ballots, some of the races are still undecided. But there are take-aways to look at:

Although the US Senator's race is close, it is unlikely to cause a legal recount. In order to trigger a recount, the vote total between the two candidates must be less than or equal to the less amount of one-tenth of 1 percent, which translates into about 200 votes. That doesn't mean there won't be plenty of attorneys involved, and there could easily be legal challenges. But the legal challenges will probably not make any difference to the final outcome.

Yavapai County brings out the voters and supports their candidates! Right now, Yavapai County is at a 69.30% return. It is the only county above 59%. Plus, there are still more ballots to verify and count. 

In 2014, Yavapai County also led Arizona, with only 61.09%. 

Yavapai County is currently at 97,519 ballots returned. In 2014, 75,326 ballots were returned. Can Yavapai County reach 100,000 return ballots this year?

  • Senator Karen Fann received more votes than any other Senator in the state - 63,876. Only one other Senator even made it into the 50's.
  • Representatives Noel Campbell received 59,188, David Stringer received 56,585 - more than any other Representative in the State. A few other candidates made it into the 40's. 
  • US Representative Paul Gosar is the top Congressional vote-getter with 156,086. Representative Biggs was the next highest, with 125,782 votes.

For the first time in a long time, Arizona will be sending more Democrats (5) than Republicans (4) to the US Congress. 

If Angela Green had not run as a Green candidate, collecting 38,597 votes, Sinema would likely be leading. It is ironic that Green actually dropped out of the race around the beginning of November and threw her support behind Sinema. Evidently there were ballots that had already been cast in her behalf. 

Arizona has four counties being monitored by the United States Justice Department for compliance with the federal voting rights laws. 

  • Apache County
  • Cochise County
  • Maricopa County
  • Navajo County

In all, 35 jurisdictions in 19 states were monitored.

The blue wave? Not so much. Republicans are likely to maintain control of both branches of the Arizona Legislature. So far, the top elected offices have all gone to Republicans, although the Superintendent of Public Instruction's position is rather close. Riggs leads by fewer than 7K votes. 

US Senator (too close to call)

Martha McSally (R) 850,043 (49.34%)

Kyrsten Sinema (D) 834,135 (48.42%)

Angela Green 38,597 (2.24%)

US Representative in Congress

District 1

Tom O’Halleran (D) 111,886 (53.3%)

Wendy Rogers (R) 97,958 (46.7%)

District 4

David Brill (D) 67,346 (29.8%)

Paul Gosar (R) 156,086 (69.0%)

AZ Governor

Doug Ducey* (R) 993,576 (57.8%)

David Garcia (D) 690,259 (40.2%)

Secretary of State

Steve Gaynor (R) 866,510 (51.2%)

Katie Hobbs (D) 823,982 (46.7%)

State Treasurer

Kimberly Yee (R) 928,314 (55.6%)

Mark Manoil (D) 740,758 (44.4%)

Attorney General

Mark Brnovich* (R) 897,611 (53.4%)

January Contreras (D) 784,767 (46.4%)

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kathy Hoffman (D) 830,676 (49.8%)

Frank Riggs (R) 837,396 (50.2%)

State Mine Inspector

Joe Hart (R) 875,029 (53.3%)

William ‘Bill’ Pierce (D) 766,586 (46.7%)

Corporation Commissioner

Rodney Glassman (R) 786,546 (25.88%)

Justin Olson (R) 788,848 (25.96%)

Sandra Kennedy (D) 759,138 (24.88%)

Kiana Maria Sears (D) 704,488 (23.18%)

Supreme Court

Clint Bolick retained? Yes

Jon Pelander retained? Yes


Prop 125 (pension underfunding) Yes

Prop 126 (prohibits new or increase in taxes on services not already in effect on December 31, 2017) Yes

Prop 127 (increase renewable energy) No

Prop 305 (expand education empowerment scholarships) No

Prop 306 (public financing of political campaign transfers)  Yes

State Senator (Local only)

District 1

Jo Craycraft (D) 20,436

Karen Fann 49,291

State Representative District 1

Noel Campbell (R) 45,013

Ed Gogek (D) 18,478

Jan Manolis (D) 19,959

David Stringer (R) 42,232