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Kyrsten Sinema the Latest Focus of Project Veritas Investigation

30 October 2018  

Has Kyrsten Sinema changed?

"Who are you when [you think] nobody’s watching?"

Project Veritas has been looking at political candidates from across the country. Tonight (Monday) Project Veritas published undercover video from Sinema campaigners, donors and Kyrsten Sinema herself. 

Some of this was not that surprising, considering the videos of Kyrsten Sinema from several years ago where she made statements such as:

"How to stop your state from becoming like Arizona."

"My state, Arizona, is clearly the meth lab of democracy," when speaking to Netroots Nation

In a 2011 speech to the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Democrats and Straight Allies) Sinema said said her state, Arizona, now has 6 "c’s" - cattle, copper, citrus, cotton, climate - because she’s adding, "crazy" to the list.

In a radio interview from 2003, she responded that if someone wanted to go fight for the Taliban army, "I don’t care if you want to do that, go ahead."

During a recent debate with McSally, Sinema characterized that as, "…an offhand comment to get us back on track."

In 2006, Sinema insulted stay-at-home women when she said, ""These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they're choosing to live that life. That's bulls**t. I mean, what the f*** are we really talking about here?"

In contrast to these statements, Sinema’s congressional website says she is, "Proudly serving Arizona’s 9th District."

A reasonable question, therefore, upon watching those videos and reading the accounts from six or more years ago, is whether Sinema has changed her views? After all, it was a long time ago, and she’s had an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective after being in Washington and seeing insider information about the threats against our nation. In her own defense, Sinema states the comments were taken out of context.

Or, is she only pretending she’s not the same person she used to be?

Project Veritas sent undercover reporters to the Sinema campaign to find out. They asked about gun bans, immigration and more. Has Sinema really changed her views? You decide.



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