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A Life of Horse Rescue Creates a Credible Author

29 October 2018  

The story of a girl, a wild stallion and a magical amulet.

Prescott author Melody Huttinger is proud to announce the launch of the first in her “Arrow, the Sky Horse” family friendly trilogy. The public is invited to the event scheduled for November 8, 2018 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the historic Palace Restaurant at 120 South Montezuma across from the beautiful Courthouse Plaza, downtown Prescott. Enjoy refreshments, meet the author and have her sign your copy of “Arrow the Sky Horse, The Discovery”.

“As a child, I read every horse story available,” commented Melody, “but many times I became disappointed in the lack of knowledge that many of the authors displayed. So I set out to write my own story depicting horses in a more realistic light.”

Melody grew up with horses as her best friends. She learned to train them, tutored by her father, who rescued many so-called untrainable and neglected animals many from the old Prescott Downs at the end of each racing season. Her family owned and operated various riding stables throughout the years, providing inspiration for the background of the “Arrow the Sky Horse” series. Numerous characters in the story are drawn from the colorful collection of characters she met as a young dude wrangler. 

Now living in Northern Arizona, Melody has carried on the tradition of re-training Thoroughbreds off the track and has owned and trained various other breeds, including Arabians, Quarter Horses and wild Mustangs.

“Arrow the Sky Horse” series, although partly fantasy, is based on her own experiences growing up with a family in the horse business. She hopes all readers, young and old, will be entertained and enjoy the stories about the animals so close to her heart.

In the first book of the trilogy “The Discovery” adventure begins for thirteen-year-old Meadow when her family moves from Oregon to Arizona. During the long journey, her father spins the tale of Arrow, the Sky Horse, a Native American medicine woman and her magical amulet. Meadow’s imagination takes flight, and before long, she is seeing visions of a magnificent silver stallion running alongside their truck.

While searching for her missing Arabian mare, Foxfire, Meadow stumbles upon an undisturbed cliff dwelling complete with priceless artifacts. Among the relics, she discovers the amulet, and a sacred mission is bestowed upon her. She must free Arrow, the Sky Horse whatever the cost. Meadow’s life will never be the same after dealing with treacherous pot hunters, a taste of first love, and learning her family has a secret heritage.

Books will be available for purchase at the launch event or in advance at For more information or to contact Melody Henderson visit the website at or visit and LIKE the Arrow the Sky Horse facebook page.