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Get Your Wildflower Fix Now

22 October 2018  

Addicted to Wildflower?

Today is Wildflower's last day — in their current location. No need to panic, they’ll be reopening again in a week in their new location. But, if you’re one of  their super-regular customers, you’ll want to get in now to get you through the next few days. Maybe even take home a couple of loaves of bread and grab a few extra muffins.

About 15 months ago, the groundbreaking for the new Wildflower location took place. The hope was to open in January, 2018, but that goal proved to be overly optimistic. However, the momentous event is just about here. After 15 years at the heart of the Gateway Mall, Wildflower is moving - to the outermost edge of Gateway mall. 

The new location will have more seating. It will also have more parking, hooray! 

Here’s the schedule:

Monday, October 22 will be Wildflower's last day open at the old location. So, you'll want to get your fix now, because...
Tuesday, October 23-Friday, October 26 will be a time set aside for moving and training. That's right, Wildflower will be dark during those days. But, no need to weep for long, since Saturday is coming. 
Saturday, October 27 will be a special, amazing day of free, yes, free! Wildflower food with a donation to a local charity. Wow! Don't believe me? Look!

Go from 10 AM - 2 PM, and your donation will benefit the Smoki Museum. Go from 4:30-7:30 PM, and your donation will benefit the Boys & Girls Club. Let’s be realistic - you want to get there early, because you know it’s going to be packed. All that new parking will be very full! 

  Tuesday, October 30 will be the actual Grand Opening. The  ribbon cutting will take place at 10 AM. We’ll be there to bring you all the delicious news you, um... knead.

Full disclosure: The author’s husband is a long-term Breadhead, having worked at Wildflower for over 10 years. 

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder and Editor of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She asks a lot of questions! In her spare time, she loves photography, cooking and hanging out with her family.