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Beware of Online Third-Party Voter Registration Schemes

02 October 2018  

Be careful of online voter registration sites or phone calls offering voter registration services.

PHOENIX–With the October 9 voter registration deadline one week away, Secretary of State Michele Reagan warned citizens who might be registering for the first time or updating their party affiliation to be wary of online sites or phone calls offering voter registration services.

“The vast majority of voter registration is done at Motor Vehicle Divisions and,” said Secretary Reagan. “For years Arizonans have enjoyed the simplicity and convenience of online voter registration. With the deadline rapidly approaching, I urge those to jump on the state’s officially sanctioned online system to register so they can participate in the general election in November.”

“Many of these sites collect an inpidual’s personal information to only turn around and sell it to marketing companies to generate revenue,” continued the Secretary. “Oftentimes if you take a moment to review their privacy policy you’ll see that not only are they collecting your personal information, they are also tracking your computer’s identifying information and surfing habits. The state’s online registration systemwww.servicearizona.comis secure, efficient and personal information is never sold to commercial interests.”

The voter registration deadline for the November 6 General Election is midnight on October 9. Early voting begins October 10.