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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: September 11, 2018

11 September 2018  

Today's the day for the Prescott Council meeting! This week's looks much shorter than the last meeting. No Study Session, and the Voting Meeting starts at 3 PM.

 Agenda  Agenda Packet 




  Father Ralph Berg with Sacred Heart Catholic Church


  Councilman Lamerson



 A. Constitution Week - September 17-23, 2018 - Read by Councilman Jim Lamerson

 B. Oktoberfest - September 22, 2018 - Read by Mayor Greg Mengarelli

 C. Museums Day - September 22, 2018 - Read by Councilman Steve Sischka

 D. POW/MIA National Recognition Day - September 21, 2018 - Read by Councilman Phil Goode


 A. Ernest A. Love: Prescott Grown, National Hero - Melissa Ruffner and Michelle Stacy-Shroeder

 B. Recognition of the Citizen's Academy Inaugural Class - Mayor Pro Tem Orr and Tyler Goodman

Another one coming up, October 4 - it is already full. Another one is being scheduled for the Spring. The hope is for 4 per year.


 A. Approval of draft minutes for the July 24, 2018 Voting Meeting and the August 14, 2018 Voting Meeting.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. July 24, 2018 Voting Meeting

  b. August 14, 2018 Voting Meeting

 B. Approval of Payment of FY19 League of Arizona Cities and Towns Membership Dues in the Amount of $25,842.00.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. FY19 League Dues

 C. Approval of Auction utilizing City Contract No. 2017-256 with Harris Auction, and City Contract No. 2017-257 with Ritchie Brothers/Iron Planet Auctioneers to sell the five (5) surplus assets listed in Attachment A.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. Attachment A-Surplus Vehicles FY19

 D. Approval to award Recreation Services City Contract No. 2019-048 to Koehler Enterprises, Inc., for Landscaping Services in the annual estimated amount of $29,280.00.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. Bid from Koehler Enterprises, Inc.

 E. Approval to purchase emergency communications recording system for the Prescott Regional Communications Center (City Contract No. 2019-097) in an amount not to exceed $32,000.00.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. Quote from Equature Interactive Response

  b. Quote from Goserco, Inc.

  c. Quote from Stancil Corp.

Approved unanimously. 



 A. Adoption of City Ordinance No. 2018-1626, authorizing the purchase of real property from Dawn M. Finger, for the Sundog Trunk Main Phase C Project in the amount of $6,965.00 (City Contract No. 2019-099). Funding is available from the Wastewater Fund.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. City Ordinance No. 2018-1626

  b. Agreement for Sale of Real Property, City Contract No. 2019-099

  c. Vicinity Map

Approved unanimously. 


 A. Adoption of Annexation and Rezoning Ordinances, and development agreement and General Plan Resolutions for Whispering Rock; Owner is Dr. Askari; APN: 106-02-009G, 106-02-003G, 106-02-004A and 106-02-003M; County zoning is R1L-35 residential.

Watch this Agenda item live at the Council meeting:


  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  A. Whispering Rock Pre Annexation DA Resolution No. 2018-1653

  B. Whispering Rock Annexation Ordinance No. 2018-1629

  C. Whispering Rock Minor Map Amendment Resolution No. 2018-1654

  D. Whispering Rock Rezoning Ordinance No. 2018-1630

  E. Whispering Rock Preannexation DA (8-15-18), City Contract No. 2019-101

  F. Aerial Map

 One of the things about this agreement that is unique is that the developer, Dr. Askari, agrees to abide by current and future development policies and codes. 

There is some flexibility in the order of the development. 

Councilman Phil Goode expresses his thoughts that he would have preferred to have additional documentation in the packet. 

He says that most of his concerns have been sufficiently addressed and he will support the project. 

  • Annexation encompasses approximately 80 acres
  • Mostly undeveloped lands
  • County Zoning is R1L-35
  • Blank Petition was filed, 30 day waiting period is complete
  • Signed petition received
  • All required ARS statutes met 

Public Comment: Daniel Mattson: "I see nothing but good from this."


 B. Approve Authorization of Services No. 01 and payment not to exceed $249,672.33, to Dibble Engineering, pursuant to City of Prescott Contract No. 2019-069, for New Terminal Schematic (30%) Design for Prescott Regional Airport

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. PSA (City Contract No. 2019-069) with Dibble Engineering for Design & Consulting Services for FY2019-2023

  b. PRC New Terminal 30% Design Proposal

Dr. Sobata states that the launch of the new air service has been far better than expected. It's the best launch for Skywest ever. 

The target is to get 9/18/19 - they hope to get funding for the terminal from the FAA due to an extra funding for the FAA for small rural airports. 

"I think many of you have been on council for years, even decades, and have heard about the need for a new terminal. I think it's time to build a new terminal!" Dr. Sobata said. 

Dr. Sobata said the costs are eligible for reimbursement by the FAA.

Currently 140 parking spaces, added in over 34 new spaces over Labor Day Weekend, and extra ADA accessible. There are also over 140 spaces able to be shuttled to and from. 

"The 16 years I've been her, my number one issue after water has been the airport," Councilman Blair said. 

Phase 1 of the terminal is about 16K SF.

Good to go environmentally up to 17K on this project. 

The main part of the current terminal is about 4400 SF. Part of it is on railroad ties. All together under roof is about 10K. They would like to reuse the terminal historically. 

Mayor Mengarelli asks about number of gates. 

They could accommodate 2-3 gates for 70-76 seat planes

Additional hangars are planned for the future. 

Sandra Smith wants very large stalls for wheelchairs. 

Dr. Askari recommends as large as possible. 

More info on the airport: 

 C. Review and Approval of City Contract No. 2019-098, with Prescott Chamber of Commerce for the State of Arizona's Official Visitor Center. The contract amount is $25,000.00 per year, for a three-year term, coming from the Transient Occupancy Bed Tax.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. City Contract 2019-098 with Prescott Chamber of Commerce

 D. Approval of Construction Cost Reimbursement to Creekview Housing, LLC, in accordance with previously approved City Contract No. 2018-243, "Creekview Village Development Agreement" in an amount not to exceed $556,524.28 for construction of sewer and drainage improvements across the Creekview Village Development and Award of City Contract No. 2019-093 to Lyon Engineering for Post Design Services for water, sewer and drainage improvements in and near the Creekview Village Development in an amount not to exceed $54,900.00. Funding is available in the Wastewater and Streets Funds.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. Project Location Map

  b. Post Design Services Proposal

  c. 2018-243 Creekview Housing LLC DA

 E. Award of City Contract No. 2019-091 to Capital Improvements, LLC, for the Hillcrest Storm Drain Project, in the amount of $272,000.00 and Contract Amendment A4 to City Contract No. 2017-046A4 for Post Design Services with Kimley-Horn in the amount of $12,000.00. Funding is available from Streets Fund and the Yavapai County Flood Control District.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. Hillcrest Project Location Map

  b. HIllcrest Storm Drain Contract Amendment

Item passes unanimously. 


 F. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Agreement for Potable Water (City Contract No. 2018-056A1) with Bridgepointe Communities, LLC for the redevelopment of commercial office spaces to a permanent and temporary support services housing, on APNs 115-09-008C, 115-09-008D, 115-09-009, and 115-09-010A at 1040 Whipple Street.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. WSA 17-009, Amendment No. 1, City Contract No. 2018-056A1

  b. Project Location Map for 1040 Whipple Street

Passes unanimously. 


 G. Approval to purchase one (1) 2019 Freightliner M2 106 chassis from Freightliner of Arizona for $95,915.05 using State of Arizona Contract No. ADSP015-093361 (City Contract No. 2019-085), and one (1) pothole repair body from Bergkamp Inc. using National Joint Powers Alliance contract No. 052417-BGK:FP5 pricing for $119,455.00 (City Contract No. 2019-086), in the total amount of $215,370.05. Funding is available in the Streets Maintenance Fund.

  documentCouncil Memo Printout

  a. Freightliner 2020 M2 106 Crew Cab Quote Dated 08.21.18

  b. Bergkamp Pothole Body Quote Dated 08.02.18

Motion passes unanimously. 



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