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New Hotel in Downtown Prescott?

25 August 2018  

During next Tuesday’s voting meeting at 3 PM, the Prescott Council will consider a long-term lease of property at the intersection of Sheldon and Montezuma to WSH Hospitality. 

It’s a great example of a Public Private Partnership. The City of Prescott owns prime-location land at the end of Sheldon Street. Yet, right now, it’s being underutilized. On top of that, it’s in an area the City would like to see revitalized and made friendlier to tourists and local residents alike. 

Item 9A on the Council agenda reads, "WSH Hospitality proposes to construct at its cost an approximately seventy thousand square foot business-class hotel on City-owned property located at the intersection of Montezuma and Sheldon Streets consisting of approximately 95 hotel rooms."

Currently, City hotel occupancies are at an all-time high. And there is a lack of downtown hotel and meeting space in the City. 

Included as part of the hotel will be meeting rooms and conference space. WSH will lease the land for $15,000 per year, and may purchase the land for $300,000 after five years.  Additionally, "As part of the hotel construction project, WSH proposes rehabilitation of historic landmarks and structures, park improvements/landscaping and revitalization of the adjacent city park area to the north of the hotel site. The plan for redevelopment of the park area is for both daily use as well as creating an opportunity for more special event use space in the downtown area in addition to the Courthouse Square and surrounding streets and the Mile High Middle School field."

To see a birdseye view from Google Maps:

The plan is that the Developer and the City will share costs for public improvements. The City's share will not come out of the General fund, but will be paid for from Water, Wastewater or Streets Fund, as the case may be. Park improvements will be paid from bed tax and/or park impact fees. Public improvements include:

  • Modification of or new installation of traffic lights, signals and re-striping of vehicle or pedestrian lanes. (Paid for by the City of Prescott.)
  • Landscaping of the Park Area, including all site grading, import/export of materials, water features (if any), screening berms, retention ponds, sidewalks. (Construction by Developer, paid for by the City.)
  • Screening berms or walls for the property. (Constructed and paid for by the Developer.)
  • Redesign and reconstruction of sewer utilities in the property and park area up to the hotel building. (Constructed and paid for by the City of Prescott.)
  • Parking lot construction and paving (Constructed by the Developer. Costs divided evenly between City and Developer.)
  • Refurbishment of historic railroad bridge connected to the Sam Hill Warehouse and to be connected to the hotel. (Constructed by the Developer. Developer to pay 67%, City of Prescott to pay 33%. The City will be entitled to six events per year at no cost.)
  • Sidewalks in or adjacent to the Property (Constructed and paid for by Developer.)
  • Stormwater management (Constructed and paid for by Developer.)
  • Fire hydrants (Constructed and paid for by Developer.)

Assuming the Council votes to approve the longterm lease of the land to the WSH Hospitality, City Manager Michael Lamar says that the developer hopes to break ground in February, and they expect construction to take about 12 months. During an informal press briefing on Friday morning, Lamar provided background & further information about the project under consideration: 

Council will consider this matter during the regular 3 PM voting meeting on Tuesday, August 28.


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