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Center for Arizona Policy Releases Voting Scorecard

02 August 2018  

How did the Legislators representing District 1 vote on the issues important to the Center for Arizona Policy?

Describing some Legislators as, "Champions for Arizona families," the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) released their Family Issues Scorecard this week. According to the CAP grading system, Representatives Noel Campbell and David Stringer and Senator Karen Fann all voted with the CAP Action Positions, each receiving a scorecard grade of 100%. 

Here are 12 key issues CAP considered:

[1] Abortion; Live Delivery; Report; Definition (SB 1367) – Strengthening Arizona’s law to ensure babies born alive following an abortion are provided life-saving care (2017). 

[2] End-Of-Life; Discrimination; Prohibition (SB 1439) – Prohibiting work-related discrimination against health care providers that exercise their conscience rights by declining to provide medical treatment that could cause or assist in causing the death of an individual (2017). 

[3] Health; Budget Reconciliation; 2017-2018 (SB 1527) – The budget provision requires the AZ Department of Health Services to apply for Title X monies, thereby diverting funds away from abortion providers (2017). 

[4] Empowerment Scholarships; Expansion; Phase-In (SB 1431) – Expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account program to include all district and charter school students by phasing in eligibility over the next four years (2017). 

[5] Governmental Entities; Diplomas; Transcripts; Recognition (HB 2389) – Requiring all governmental entities to treat all Arizona school diplomas and transcripts equally, including homeschool diplomas and transcripts (2017). 

[6] DHS; reporting; abortions (SB 1394) – Enhancing abortion reporting requirements (2018). 

[7] Dissolution; human embryos; disposition (SB 1393) – Requiring courts in a divorce proceeding to award in vitro embryos to the spouse that wants them for the purpose of having children (2018). 

[8] Kinship care; aggravated circumstances; dependency (SB 1473) – Shortening the time period to find forever homes for babies in the foster care system (2018). 

[9] Charter schools; vacant buildings; equipment (HB 2460) – Prohibiting district schools from withdrawing a property for sale or lease solely because a charter or private school is the highest bidder (2018). 

[10] Zoning regulations; private schools (HB 2461) – Treating private schools the same as charter schools in zoning acreage requirements (2018). 

[11] Dual enrollment; homeschooled children (HB 2536) – Allowing homeschool students to receive college credit when enrolled in a dual enrollment course (2018). 

[12] Postsecondary institutions; free expression policies (HB 2563) – Strengthening free speech rights of college students at public universities and colleges (2018). 




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