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CAFMA to Vote on Indemnification for Attorney Cornelius Bar Complaint

23 July 2018  

Should Attorney Cornelius receive money for legal fees?

According to Attorney Nicolas Cornelius, who represents Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority (CAMFA), Central Yavapai Fire District (CYFD) and Chino Valley Fire District (CVFD) a bar complaint has been filed against him by Board Members Tom Steele and ViciLee Jacobs. 

In response, Cornelius' law firm, Kendhammer & Partners, LLP wants an addendum to their contract with the Fire Boards for Indemnity Costs. 

Here is what Cornelius said about it at last month’s meeting:

What exactly this entails is not known publicly, because details are not in any of the packets. We also don’t know if he drafted the addendum himself, or if the Boards consulted with an outside attorney. Furthermore, there is no indication as to whether he has malpractice insurance, and why he would not use that for any necessary defense costs.

We do know how much Kendhammer & Partners were paid in June, however: 

Update: In the meeting, Attorney Cornelius stated that this was a payment for 2 1/2 months worth of legal services.

Fire Chief Scott Freitag apparently wants additional reimbursements for legal fees, too. Again, how much and why are not detailed.

Other agenda items for today’s meetings include:

Fire Board Policy Amendments and removals, purchase of LIFEPAK 15 Monitors and action regarding surplus vehicles.

Schedule (includes links to packets):

Chino Valley: 4-4:30 PM
CAFMA: 4:30-6 PM
CYFD: 6-6:30 PM


Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority Administration
8603 E. Eastridge Drive
Prescott Valley, AZ



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