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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: May 22, 2018

22 May 2018  

Prescott City Council meets at 3 PM today. Bonus meeting: 9:30 AM to discuss budget.

Takeaways from Budget Meeting:

FY19 Budget Summary

The FY19 Budget is balanced

– Operational expenditures are funded by ongoing revenue

– One-time capital expenditures may use some accumulated fund balance

Sales tax revenue forecasted increase of 6% over FY18 budget

State shared revenue increased by 3.6%

Continued funding of the Market Compensation Pay

Plan is included in the budget

Funding the entire PSPRS annual required contribution from general fund in FY19

A new position for a School Liaison Officer: To float between district and public charter schools, develop relationships, help them with security - a very timely position. Did you know that there are 17 schools in Prescott? This Officer will be available to all schools in the City. 

The individual identified for this position has already been involved in training for this position. During school "off" times, this officer can be reassigned to community policing. 

Sischka asks if one School Liaison Officer is enough. "Right now we have nobody," Chief Black states. "So, this will be a foundational year." 

Black points out that the City isn't alone in their approach, they have a very good partnership with West Yavapai Guidance Clinic.

Council suggests looking for funding sources, too. 

Lamerson points out that you can't go through an airport or the courthouse without screening, and get screening for schools. Black said she is looking for those potential funding opportunities.

New positions net at 2-1/4 increase - but in terms of funding, that isn't the equivalent - for example the High School has a School Resource Officer which will be funded 75% by PUSD now. 

In discussing the Strategic Plan, the City is doubling down and budgeting for a new Terminal:

FY19 Terminal Design $450K, plus a relocation of Hangar/Shade $800K

FY20-21: Terminal Construction $6M

They will also improve Code Compliance positions. 

Planning for a Revitalization & Cleanup in Dexter Neighborhood in July

"It's not about enforcement, it's about communicating and getting tools to the residents to help them," Tyler Goodman said. 

Phil Goode notes that in the past, only complaints were responded to. He is very supportive of this initiative, and thinks it will benefit the entire city. 

A 2nd Revitalization will be in Fall of 2018, and then a 3rd one in Summit/Beach area in spring of 2019.

A citizen's Academy will start in August - there will be 25 seats available and already 40 applicants. 

Sischka recommends they are offered opportunity to be city Ambassadors.

The terminal was described as one of the " 5 most challenging terminals to get into it."

There might be a new opportunity from the FAA for the terminal. 

700 lane miles of roadway to be maintained.

76 road items brought forward since October, $29M spent.

Courtesy of Prescott Media Center: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Read the entire budget presentation here.

3:00 PM Meeting


Agenda Packet 




 Pastor Whitney Walters - Willow Hills Baptist Church


Councilman Goode



A. Motorcycle Awareness Month - May 2018

Read (with great enthusiasm) by Councilman Steve Sischka.

B. National Public Works Week - May 20-26, 2018

Read by Mayor Greg Mengarelli.


A. Approval of draft minutes for the March 27, 2018 Study Session, the March 27, 2018 Voting Meeting, the April 10, 2018 Study Session Minutes, the April 10, 2018 Voting Meeting Minutes and the April 24, 2018 Special Meeting-Executive Session.

Council Memo Printout

a. March 27, 2018 Draft Study Session Minutes

b. March 27, 2018 Draft Voting Meeting Minutes

c. April 10, 2018 Draft Study Session Minutes

d. April 10, 2018 Draft Voting Meeting Minutes

e. April 24, 2018 Draft Special-Executive Session Minutes

B. Approval of renewal for off-track Pari-mutuel wagering permit for Matt's Saloon located at 112 S. Montezuma Street.

Council Memo Printout

a. Letter from Turf Paradise

C. Adoption of Resolution No. 2018-1638, approving the Fourth Amendment to the IGA (City Contract No. 1997-101D) between the City and the High Valley Ranch Improvement District.

Council Memo Printout

a. City Resolution No. 2018-1638

b. Exhibit A, IGA City Contract No. 1997-101D

c. Request Letter to City

d. Recorded Resolution 2018-1 Annexing to HVRDWIDS

e. Vicinity Map

D. Approval of FNP18-00004, Final Plat of “130 North Condominiums,” creating 8 dwelling units at 130 North Cortez Street; APN 113-15-105. [Zoning: Downtown Business (DTB); Property Owner: Numbers Family, LLC], Funding Source: General Fund (Cost Recovery).

Council Memo Printout

a. Aerial Photo

b. Preliminary Plat

E. Award of City Contract No. 2018-227 to Michael Taylor Architects, Inc., for architectural services to expand the Wastewater Collection Building located at 1505 Sundog Ranch Road, in the amount of $21,750.00. Funding is available in the Wastewater Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Proposal for Architectural Services to City of Prescott

b. Letter to Michael Taylor, Contract 16-05S Architectural Services

Consent agenda passes unanimously. 



1. Public Hearing and consideration for a New Series 12 Restaurant liquor license and Interim Permit application from Dennis McCormick, applicant, for the Palace Restaurant and Saloon, located at 120 S. Montezuma St.

Council Memo Printout

Motion passes unanimously. 


1. Approval of a Series 15 Special Event Liquor License Application for the Boys & Girls Club of Central Arizona; Event: 4th of July Downtown Fireworks Celebration; Event Location: 300 S. Granite Street; Applicant: Gerald Szostak; City Application No. 18-024; Date/Time of Event Liquor Sales: Wednesday, July 4, 2018, 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Council Memo Printout

a. Event Information

b. Location Map

c. ARS 4-203.02 Special Event License

2. Approval of a Series 15 Special Event Liquor License Application for Prescott Farmers Market; Event: Farm to Table Dinner; Event Location: 150 S. Montezuma Street; Applicant: Kelley Villa; City Application No. 18-025; Date/Time of Event Liquor Sales: Sunday, August 19, 2018, 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Council Memo Printout

a. Event Information

b. Location Map

3. Approval of a Series 15 Special Event Liquor License Application for the Prescott Regulators & Their Shady Ladies; Event: Shootout on Whiskey Row; Location: 300 S. Granite Street; Applicant: Neil Thomas; City Application No. 18-026; Date/Time of Event Liquor Sales: Saturday, July 28, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday July 29, 2018, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Council Memo Printout

a. Location Map

b. Event Information - Prescott Regulators

Event liquor licenses pass unanimously. 


A. Approval of Donation Agreement with the Prescott Pickleball Association for the construction of four (4) additional Pickleball courts at Pioneer Park (City Contract No 2018-232) and the appropriation of $30,000.00 towards the cost of construction allocated out of the Acker Trust Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Pickleball Agreement, City Contract No. 2018-232

b. Exhibit A, Map of New Pickleball 4 Plex

Membership has grown to 180. One tournament for pickleball had an economic benefit of approximately $250K.

Acker Trust Board voted unanimously in favor of this project. 

Phil Goode says that he thinks this allocation from the Acker Trust Fund is very appropriate, more so than taking it from General Fund (as they did in the past.)

Passes unanimously. 


B. Award of City Contract No 2018-152 to National Golf Foundation in an amount not to exceed $28,000.00 for an Economic Impact /Benefit Analysis of Antelope Hills golf course. Funding is available from the Bed Tax Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. RSOQ No. 2018-152 Consultant Services

b. Golf Course Economic Impact Benefit Study

 Well-educated in the state of Arizona and the Golf economy. 

Frequent communications, discussions, written report, formal presentation. 

Motion passes 6-0


C. Adoption of Resolution No. 2018-1641 declaring the City of Prescott Procurement Code a public record; and Ordinance No. 2018-1612 replacing City Code 1-27 with the new procurement code.

Council Memo Printout

a. Slides from May 8, 2018, Study Session

b. Procurement Code Red-Line Changes from Study Session

c. Prescott City Procurement Code Final

d. Resolution No. 2018-1641

e. Ordinance No. 2018-1612


Motion passes unanimously. 


D. Award City Contract No. 2018-226 to Sunland Inc. Asphalt and Sealcoating for the Virginia Street Pavement Improvements Project, in the amount of $152,504.72. Funding is available in the Water Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Virginia Street Vicinity Map

b. Summary of Costs & Price Proposal Details

It should be finished in time for school to start in August. Motion passes unanimously. 

Motion passes unanimously. 

E. Approval of Amendment 1, to City Contract No. 2018-005A1 to Capital Improvements, L.L.C. for the Small Water Mains Replacement Dexter Neighborhood Phase 3 Project in the amount of $696,176.89. Funding is available in the Street Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Phase 3 Small Water Mains Amendment 1, Map

b. Small Water Mains Amendment 1, Cover Letter

c. Phase 3, Amendment 1, Bid Tabulation

There is a significant cost savings. 

Motion passes unanimously. 


F. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2018-1613 for approval to increase the paid time off maximum accrual amounts for employees.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2018-1613

Councilwoman Billie Orr is in favor of this, and would also like to make it possible for people to donate some of their time off to others. 

95% of the employees rate benefits as poor. 

Sischka wants to be competitive, and thinks the City needs to be realistic. Do you find this is abused? 

"Employees want the safety net to know that if something happens to them, there is a safety net."

"Our employees take good care of us, we need to take good care of them," Sischka says. 

Lamerson thinks that expanding the bank could be crippling - although he doesn't mind paying them what is owed. 

The attorney explains that it is rare and difficult to create fraud due to the fact that the City can ask for a dr. verification.

The chart shows Prexcott as #3 from the bottom - even after this benefit change if it passes.

Motion passes 4-2, with Councilmen Lamerson and Goode in dissent. 






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