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Rodney Glassman: Candidate for Corp Commisson & Jack of All Trades

20 March 2018   Annie Snyder

Rodney Glassman - attorney, US Air Force JAG, author and a political candidate.

Big Idea: Rodney Glassman is an attorney, a US Air Force Major, an author and a candidate for the Corporation Commission. And a husband and dad. 

  • Rodney Glassman is running for Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Glassman is an attorney, U.S. Air Force major, author and politician
  • Serves as co-chair for the Jewish National Fund annual breakfast
  • Hopes to restore integrity and ethics back in corporation commission

Rodney Glassman, a Phoenix-based attorney and major in the United States Air Force, is running a Republican campaign for Arizona Corporation Commissioner.

At the Jewish National Fund annual breakfast, Rodney Glassman sat down with Prescott ENews to detail his qualifications, goals and current endorsements.

“To have someone on the corporation commission who’s an attorney, who is in the military, and who understands national resource issues, specifically water, will be the value that I bring,” said Glassman. “My PhD from the University of Arizona is in Water.”

Glassman is a candidate with a very diverse set of skills and qualifications. In addition to his roles as an attorney and major in the United States Air Force, he is also a former city councilman from Tucson, a Republican precinct committeeman, and a co-chair of the Jewish National Fund annual breakfast. He also is a co-author for a series of educational children’s books, Jeremy Jackrabbit, with his wife, Sasha.

“My campaign is based on two things,” said Glassman. “The first thing is restoring integrity to the corporation. I’ve proposed that the corporation commission adopt something called the Arizona Judicial Code of Conduct. All of the judges in Arizona have a state of ethics code, while the corporation commission has no code of ethics. I’ve proposed this, and then secondly, to have one of the ten statewide officials be an expert in water. This is something that’s very important for Arizona’s future.”

Glassman has received strong support from Yavapai County and various Republican leaders across the state.

“I’ve been endorsed by Yavapai county attorney Sheila Polk, State senator Karen Fann, Representative Noel Campbell, and county supervisor Jack Smith. We have a lot of great support in Yavapai County. The chair of my campaign is Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery. We spend every Fourth of July in Prescott, at the rodeo!”

In 2010, Rodney ran for U.S. Senate as a Democrat and lost against Republican incumbent John McCain. He has since changed his political affiliation to Republican.

Glassman is a major figure in the Jewish community and has supported the Jewish National Fund for several years.

“I am on the Board of Directors for the Arizona chapter of the Jewish National Fund,” said Glassman. “My wife and I are Jewish and are very involved in the Jewish community. Because of JNF’s connectivity to issues of water and water technology, we continue to get more involved.”

Glassman hopes to be Arizona’s next Corporation Commissioner in order to restore ethics back into the office and keep the commission consistent with judicial conduct. He believes that his experience and numerous qualifications make him the best option for Arizona corporation commissioner.

“If elected, I will be the only statewide elected official who is currently serving in the military,” said Glassman. “To have someone who understands the law, is a practicing attorney, is a judge advocate in the military, will be something that brings a different kind of value to the commission.”