Today: Jun 16 , 2019

Prescott Police warn of APS Scams

16 February 2018   Officer Fuller

Beware of APS scams.

Recently, the Prescott Police Department has become aware of several situations where citizens have received calls from people identifying themselves as Arizona Public Service (APS) employees. The caller then goes on to demand immediate payment to avoid a service stoppage.

These callers often times demand personal banking information for payment services. They will also ask for payment in the form of pre-paid cards. APS will never ask for pre-paid cards.

If there is ever a question about the validity of an email, website or person claiming to be an APS representative, call the APS Customer Care Center immediately at (602) 371-7171 to verify this information.

The Prescott Police Department would like to remind our community to remain vigilant about these and similar phone scams in which the caller claims to be from a legitimate business or agency. If you receive a call such as this, you should hang-up and contact that business or agency directly. You may also contact your local police department for further investigation. Never provide personal information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, utility account numbers or other personal information to those who call under these types of circumstances.