Today: May 29 , 2020

CAFMA Sets a January Record in Responding to Over 1000 Calls

16 February 2018  

Almost 70% of the responses were to Emergency Medical Service calls.

Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority (CAFMA) personnel were busy during the month of January, responding to over 1000 calls. 

According to the 2018 January Response Report, there were 10 fire incidents in total. Emergency Medical Service calls made up 68.82% of the call volume. Other calls included hazmat, good intent, false alarm and more. Nearly 34 calls on average were received each day. 

Prescott received aid on 107 of those calls, and returned aid on 54 other the calls. 

Chief Scott Freitag explained in his weekly Review - an emailed newsletter, "As you can see by our end of the month report, we set a record for the month of January of over 1000 calls. Historically things slow a bit in January, but like last year we are seeing our call volume continually increase. The area is growing, which means more people and more people mean more demand for service."