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Acker Night: Hallelujah!

11 December 2017  


It’s probably the most eclectic annual celebration in Prescott. Yet everyone involved in Acker Night has a singular focus: “… to keep music alive and thriving for the youth of Prescott.” All proceeds go towards scholarships for music students in Prescott.

What’s your music style of choice? Country, hymns, Christmas Carols, blues, rock’n’roll, choirs? You name it, and you can find it on Acker Night in Prescott, Arizona. 

Couldn't make it this year? No worries, here's a small sample of what you missed:

Don’t mistake Acker Night as being a Christmas event. Although the event takes place smack dab in the middle of the Christmas season, and lots of Christmas apparel and decor are in sight, the music offered may or may not have a holiday flavor. By the way, it might be more than simply singing or playing a musical instrument. It could be a performance of some kind. Like, errr... belly dancing. 

So, in one shop, you could see a children’s choir singing Christmas tunes. Right next door, you might find someone strumming their guitar and singing about the gal that left. Next to that could be a bar with a bunch of senior citizens dancing to a rock’n’roll band. You just never know what you’ll find. 

And that’s all right. Because it’s Acker Night, a time where local businesses and musicians and moms & pops all donate talents, shops and time for a time of joyous celebration and giving. It results in a glorious evening where everyone walks the sidewalks humming and dancing in their souls. Consider it an exuberant investment in today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. 

Hallelujah, indeed.



Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.