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Prescott Valley Takes Disciplinary Action Against Police Chief Jarrell

07 December 2017   Heidi Dahms Foster

Town of PV gives notice of intent to take disciplinary action after Chief of Police’s loss of duty weapon

The Town of Prescott Valley has given notice of intent to take disciplinary action of two days suspension without pay against its police chief, Bryan Jarrell, after an incident in which Jarrell inadvertently left his duty weapon in the Town’s Public Library restroom. He also will be required to successfully complete a certified firearms safety course within six months, and must replace his duty weapon at his own cost.

Jarrell said he left a Town Council meeting on Thursday, November 9 and changed from his uniform in the restroom, before attending a ball game. He put his belongings into his duffle bag, not realizing he had not picked up his firearm. Jarrell did not return to work until Monday, at which time he discovered his weapon missing. He returned to the Library but the weapon was not there, and no one had turned it in. To date, the weapon has not yet been recovered.

Town Manager Larry Tarkowski followed up on rumors that Jarrell had returned to look for the gun before Monday, for which there was no evidence on Library surveillance videos, key card entry records, or from interviewing staff. Tarkowski also noted that Jarrell is exempt per Town code from wearing his duty belt with holstered weapon, which might have made it more difficult to misplace the firearm while changing.

Though no specific Town protocol was violated, Tarkowski cited Jarrell’s apparent carelessness that reflected nationally and locally on the Prescott Valley Police Department and Jarrell’s role as a model of professionalism for the department.

Jarrell has the option per Town code to respond to the proposed action by Thursday, December 7, either in person or by written response, and to file a grievance regarding the final decision to impose discipline.


The Town of Prescott Valley is offering a $500.00 cash reward for the safe return of the hand gun misplaced by the Prescott Valley Chief of Police. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this weapon is asked to call Yavapai Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232. Callers will not be required to identify themselves nor is caller ID used. All steps to provide anonymity to the caller will be taken. You may call Yavapai Silent Witness 24 hours a day in order to assist the police department in locating this gun.

The handgun is described as a Glock 19, 9mm caliber and black in color, serial number YHC 944.