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Mary Beth Hrin Accepts Settlement in Lawsuit Against AVEP

02 December 2017  

Mary Beth Hrin agrees to lawsuit settlement from AVEP.

According to a press release from Chris Jensen, attorney for Mary Beth Hrin, her lawsuit against Max Foxe of the Arizona Voters Education Project, was settled today. The terms remain confidential. However, the source of the "dark money" has not yet been revealed.

While Mary Beth Hrin was a candidate for Mayor of the City of Prescott, two mailers were sent to voters claiming that she had fleeced taxpayers, used a fake address and was hit by a “phantom car”. These mailers claimed to be, “Paid for by the Arizona Voter Education Project, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s campaign committee.”

In a press conference held at the time, Jensen maintained that the flyers told only partial truths and used information taken out of context essentially consisting of “false and defamatory” statements. Jensen also announced they had filed suit against Max Fose; his wife Shannon Goodman; Integrated Web Strategy, LLC; Max Foce, LLC; the Arizona Voter Education Project and a variety of John Does and unknown entities. The goal was to determine who the supporters and donors of the AVEP were.

Now the lawsuit has been settled out of court.

Mary Beth Hrin released the following statement:

In her statement above, Hrin writes, “Those who paid for Fose to lie about me remain unknown until the City of Prescott chooses to enforce Arizona Campaign Finance Law.”

Jensen had filed a complaint with the Prescott City Clerk, claiming a violation of state campaign finance laws by the Arizona Voter Education Project. The Arizona Secretary of State declined jurisdiction, so Prescott City Attorney John Paladini conducted an inquiry into the allegations.

Today, Jensen also released an 11 page letter from Paladini, “...indicating his office's investigation and analysis concluding that there is no violation based on the Declaration of Max Fose and the Articles of Incorporation of the Arizona Voter Education Project, Inc.

According to Jensen, "Ms. Hrin will study this letter and may respond in the future.

Read the entire response from Paladini to Hrin here.

Lynne LaMaster

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