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Additional Security Measures Planned for Christmas Parade & Courthouse Lighting

30 November 2017   John Heiney

Additional security planned for this weekend.

PRESCOTT, AZ (November 29, 2017) – Prescott, Arizona-- Prescott Police Chief Debora Black has announced additional security measures for the Prescott Christmas Parade and Courthouse Lighting on December 2. These measures will result in additional personnel and equipment both along the parade route and at designated intersections.

“In light of incidents around the nation, we are doing more this year to ensure the safety of our citizens and visitors as they enjoy these treasured events,” said Chief Black. “We want to make citizens aware of these changes ahead of time, so they are not surprised when they see additional uniformed staff or equipment. We want the public to know that these measures are precautionary only, and are designed to keep everyone safer.”

Here are some examples:

  • Use of additional City and County equipment as well as personnel in order to gain a better overview of the entire parade route.
  • Road closures will be supported with additional barricade equipment to prevent unauthorized vehicles entering the parade route.
  • Additional bicycle patrol officers will be deployed inside the parade route to meet citizen’s call for service needs.
  • A designated family reunification point will be established at the City of Prescott stage should children or others become separated from their party.

These additional measures will change traffic patterns for the event, so motorists should be advised. North Montezuma St. at Sheldon will be closed to South-bound traffic as well as Willis St. at Montezuma St. being closed to East-bound traffic. Persons wanting to access Hwy. 89 or 69 will need to use Hillside to North Montezuma St. to East-bound Sheldon St. to the Hwy. 89 and 69 interchange.

In addition to these measures, Chief Black encourages all citizens to be diligent and aware of their surroundings, for suspicious activity.

“Never hesitate to contact local law enforcement about something or someone you have concerns about, particularly if you have been threatened or believe someone may become violent against others. As simple as it sounds, if you see something, say something. You may be the key to preventing the next tragedy,” said Chief Black.

In a recent letter sent by Chief Black and the heads of other local law enforcement agencies, they shared some personal safety tips. They said that the key is preparation and situational awareness.

  • When you are in a public place, know where you are (street address, building, room) so that public safety can respond to your location without unnecessary delay; this is important in any emergency.
  • Identify more than one exit and a route to get there. Imagine and visualize what actions you would need to take if an emergency presented.
  • Take a moment when you arrive to assess the environment-lighting, noise level, the nature of the crowd, etc. This way, you will be better equipped to identify an individual exhibiting behavior that is not normal for the setting, or any sudden, unexpected changes in your environment. In recent incidents, audiences mistook gunfire for pyrotechnics as part of a performance; this confusion led to a delayed reaction and tragically, likely led to injury and loss of life.
  • It is possible to remain aware and prepared and still enjoy yourself.

Citizens are encouraged to take advantage of information offered through the Department of Homeland Security Website, specifically Run. Hide. Fight. OR, for more information, contact Prescott Police Department at 928-777-1900.