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History of the Deep Well Ranch Project

02 November 2017  

A look at the history of the Deep Well Ranch project.

The Deep Well Ranch project has generated controversy and comment. Many meetings at the City of Prescott Planning and Zoning have taken place, as the commissioners and citizens alike grapple with the details and complexities of this project. 

However, most people don't have a historical perspective of the project, or know about the cooperation between the City of Prescott and the James Family as this development comes to fruition. 

"James Deep Well Ranch, of which this Project is a portion of, is a working cattle ranch that has been owned and operated by the James family for generations. Due to the historic use of the Property as ranchland, there are few existing structures," explains the Master Plan. "In 2009, the Owner and the City entered into a procedural Pre-Annexation Agreement thatIn 2009, the Owner and the City entered into a procedural Pre-Annexation Agreement thatset forth a mutual understanding for annexation and other matters related to the Property."

This project meets the City's General Plan requirements, which were ratified by the voters in 2015. The Master Plan seeks flexibility to adapt to future needs, and offers opportunity for multi-family, single-family and workforce housing. Commercial development is also allowed in the plan. 



The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the Master Plan by a vote of 4-3, sending it along to the City of Prescott with a list of 21 Recommendations. Now the City Council is looking at the Plan through a series of Study Sessions. 

Tuesday, the Council heard from staff regarding some of the plan details. They also accepted audience comments and heard from Attorneys Sal Lutey and Robert S. Pecharich, who provided a fresh perspective and insight into the history of the project.

Lynne LaMaster

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