Today: Apr 08 , 2020

Search and Rescue For Stranded Driver

Lake Havasu City Man's Truck Was Stuck In Some Large Rocks Near The Scenic Loop Road North of Wickenburg

October 6, 2017, members of the Yavapai County Search and Rescue (YCSRT) Southern Unit were deployed to search for a stranded motorist. At approximately 9 AM., YCSO dispatchers received a call from a 59-year-old Lake Havasu City man who indicated his truck, a Chevy 1500, was stuck in some large rocks near the Scenic Loop Road north of Wickenburg. The tow truck company that had been notified required the exact location before they would respond.

truck stuck1

As a result, members of the YCSRT Southern Unit were deployed to locate the man, check on his welfare, and assist as needed. Communication was difficult due to the remote area. Within the hour, Southern Unit members using 4x4 high clearance vehicles found the stranded man and were able to direct the tow driver to his location. About 15 minutes later, the tow driver was able to free the truck using a winch and cable.

As always, the Sheriff’s Office appreciates these dedicated volunteers who at a moment’s notice, are willing to help others in need.