Today: Apr 08 , 2020

Man Tells Girlfriend to Wipe Phone Following YCSO Investigation

27-Year-Old Dustin Johnson Was Already In Custody On A Probation Violation.

On September 18, 2017, 27-year old Dustin Johnson from Dewey, was charged with 3 counts of Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Registration Requirements, 2 Counts of Forgery (signing sex offender registration document without disclosing online identifiers), and 1 Count of Tampering with Physical Evidence. Johnson was already in custody in the Camp Verde Detention Center on a probation violation.

During the probation violation arrest, Johnson was found in possession of a smartphone that originally contained email addresses not disclosed as required during registration. Probation officials found a non-sexual image of a minor aged child on one of the accounts. Later the same day, the probation officer discovered the phone had been remotely erased and the online internet history and any images gone. Johnson denied this action at the time.

YCSO detectives served search warrants for the cell phone data and the online accounts and after a forensic download, the information was retrieved. Johnson was interviewed on September 18, 2017, and admitted his telling his girlfriend to remotely ‘wipe’ the phone that was in the custody of probation officers. He was charged as indicated and remains in custody.

31-year-old Lauren King, Johnson’s girlfriend, was located the following day and booked on charges of Tampering with Physical Evidence and Hindering Prosecution. She has since been released on a $1500 bond. She declined to discuss the matter.    


Dwight DEvelyn, YCSO Media Relations Coordinator

Dwight D'Evelyn, YCSO Media Coordinator