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Final, Unofficial Election Results & Reactions

31 August 2017   Lynne LaMaster

The final, but unofficial election results are in. 

Tuesday’s election answered a couple of questions, but some results remain unknown until November 7.

Here’s what is known:

The total number of ballots returned was 17,227 (59.09%).

Both Councilwoman Billie Orr and former Councilman Charlie Arnold
donated hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours educating people on Prop 443.

Prop 442, regarding Home Rule, passed 66 - 34%. (16,257 votes - 94% - were cast regarding Prop 442.)

Prop 443, regarding the 3/4¢ sales tax, also passed, 54-46%. (17,031 votes - 99% -  were cast regarding Prop 443, more than any other item on the ballot.)

Mayoral Candidate Greg Mengarelli will advance to a run-off election with Jean Wilcox.

Of the three candidates for Mayor, Greg Mengarelli (42%) and Jean Wilcox (29.6%) will face a runoff in the General Election on November 7. Mary Beth Hrin (28%) trailed Wilcox by a little more than 200 votes and was eliminated from the election campaign. (16,630 votes - 96.5% - were cast in the mayoral race.)

Video by Torrence Dunham.

In order to win outright in the primary, a candidate must get 50% + 1 of the votes. None of the candidates for council met that threshold, so all 6 of the candidates will continue to the General Election. Two candidates advance  for each seat, since there are three open seats, all six candidates advance to the General election.

Incumbent Steve Blair and Alexa Scholl were both among the top 3 vote-getters.

Here is the list of candidates in order of the votes they received. (38,520 votes were cast in the council race, out of a possible 51,681. That’s about 75%.):

Phil Goode 7286 (18.91%)

Alexa Scholl 7224 (18.75%)

Steve Blair 6922 (17.97%)

Connie Contelme 5920 (15.37%)

Joe Viccica 5605 (14.55%)

Greg Lazzell 5445 (14.14%)

A brand-new campaign

But that’s not important now. Everything is reset and starts over. It’s essentially a brand-new campaign.

Ken Bennett explains to the crowd about the 50%+1 rule.

There are no other initiatives on the ballot in November. So, the election will be solely for the mayoral and council seats.

Councilman Lamerson congratulates Alexa on her 2nd place finish.