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Hrin Files Election Finance Fraud Complaint with City Against AVEP

11 August 2017   Pamela Poetker

City Of Prescott Mayor Candidate Mary Beth Hrin Files An Election Finance Fraud Complaint With City Of Prescott

Mary Beth Hrin announces that she has filed an election finance fraud Complaint with the City of Prescott and the Arizona Secretary of State alleging that the Arizona Voter Education Project, Inc. (“AVEP”), the entity immediately responsible for the false and defamatory campaign propaganda against her, and mailed to Prescott voters, is once again being dishonest. Mary Beth Hrin claims that AVEP is acting as a political action committee without properly registering and reporting its finances to the City of Prescott and/or the Secretary of State. Mary Beth Hrin has already filed a lawsuit against AVEP alleging defamation and false light.

In her election finance fraud Complaint, Hrin alleges:

1. AVEP is incorporated as a non-profit corporation forbidden by its own Articles of Incorporation (on file with and available on-line from the Arizona Corporation Commission) at Article 4 from using propaganda or influencing an election on behalf of any candidate.

2. AVEP mailed two false and defamatory postcard mailings against Mayor of Prescott candidate Mary Beth Hrin blatantly use propaganda against Ms. Hrin (falsely claiming she "Fleeced" and "Stiffed" Arizona taxpayers for over $15,000 based solely on an AHCCCS lien claim against someone else, and dishonestly alleging she used a "fake address" for an insurance claim that she won 11 years ago) for the stated purpose of asking voters to "Vote NO as to Mary Beth Hrin."

3. AVEP failed to amend its own Articles of Incorporation after it lost its federal non-profit, tax exempt status with the I.R.S. in 2015 (apparently so it could hide from Arizona campaign finance laws as a false tax-exempt corporation). Once the IRS revoked the tax-exempt status of AVEP in 2015, Arizona law creates the presumption that AVEP is a political action committee which must register and report finances to the City of Prescott before it mails propaganda trying to influence the Prescott voters. AVEP never registered with anyone as a political action committee.

4. AVEP also sent out the false and defamatory mailings while it was not in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission. This also creates a presumption under Arizona law that it must register and report as a political action committee.

5. Due to the revocation of its non-profit status and its “not in good standing” with the Arizona Corporation Commission, AVEP is acting as a political action committee in violation of Arizona campaign finance law by sending out the two false mailings involving propaganda intended to influence the Prescott Mayor election. By not registering as a political action committee despite intentionally spreading election campaign lies, AVEP is apparently avoiding the need to file mandatory financial reports to protect the identity of its "dark money" contributors.

This is why the Hrin Complaint to the City of Prescott and the Secretary of State is requesting an investigation of Arizona Voter Education Project, Inc., which is totally controlled by Max Fose, a well-known Phoenix political consultant. Hrin is compelled to put a stop to campaign finance law violations designed to corrupt the Mayor election and conceal the identity of those that paid "dark money" for "dirty politics.”