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Boys Honored For Assisting Granduncle After Car Falls On Him

31 July 2017  
Wyatt Eyler (center) and Patrick Eyler (right) enjoy sitting in a firetruck during the celebration for saving their granduncle on Monday July 31st, 2017 in Prescott, Arizona. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham

Granduncle Escapes with Brused Ribs and Cuts Following Quick Action By Grandnephews

PRESCOTT- Don Mapes was busy restoring his 1952 MG TD with his two grandnephews Wyatt and Patrick Eyler on Friday, July 14th, when the jack slipped, trapping Mapes under the car with the frame across his chest. After Wyatt and Patrick's mother Lalanie pointed out another jack, the boys quickly learned how to operate it and managed to lift the car off Mapes.

Mapes escaped with only bruised ribs and a few cuts.

“The first minute it fell on him, I was pretty terrified,” Wyatt Eyler said. “Then once we got the car off him, I was glad that he was alive and not unconscious when the car fell on top of him.”

Wyatt and Patrick then waved down the firefighters who helped Mapes get to the hospital.

“The thing that really got to me was how calm and collected the boys stayed during the whole situation,” Prescott Fire Department Engineer and Paramedic David Haskell said. “They didn’t seem stressed out at all.”

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In honor of their heroism, a get together was held at Station 75 in Prescott Monday, July 31st, to present the boys with a certificate as well as show them the fire department, take them on a ride in a fire truck and have an ice cream party.

“When I got to see what you guys do (firefighters) and the firetrucks I got to go in, I thought it was pretty amazing,” Patrick Eyler said. “Today is a pretty awesome day.”

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A camera in hand, Mapes watched as his grandnephews were celebrated and recollected how lucky it was for him to escape the situation mostly unharmed.

“I was so fortunate not only to have the boys down there to help me, to get me out from underneath the car, but also not to be injured anymore than I was,” Mapes said. “If the boys weren’t there, I certainly couldn’t have got to my cellphone.”

“I could have died,” Mapes continued.

Considering both boys are under thirteen-years-old, Haskell was astounded by their initiative.

“We just can’t be thankful enough for these two boys and what they did for their (grand)uncle is beyond amazing,” Haskell said. “Without their quick thinking, the situation could have been a lot worse.”

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