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Rip & Run: 157 Calls for Service & Back to School

26 July 2017   Fire Chief Dennis Light

It’s almost back-to-school time.

In a few weeks time school will commence and the Prescott Fire Department ask that you remain sensitive to the change of traffic patterns from those present during the brief summer break.

Always consider pedestrians when approaching and departing marked crosswalks.  Remember that school age children may be “very unpredictable” so be keen on where they may appear.

Those riding bicycles are reminded to do so in the same direction of travel as that of automobiles.  Conversely pedestrians are asked to walk, facing traffic when able to do so.

Let’s work together towards the avoidance of pedestrian involved accidents.

During the period of July 17th-July 23rd, 2017 the Prescott Fire Department responded to a total of 157 calls for service consisting of the following:

• 93 Emergency Medical Service calls including multiple vehicle accidents with and without injuries. 

• 3 Hazardous conditions including 1 involving chemicals.

• 20 Public service/assistance calls including 4 police department assists and 11public services assistance.

• 31 Good intent calls for service to include reports of an odor of smoke or smoke like presence. 

• 9 Alarm activations with 1 related to smoke in a structure and 2 due to system malfunctions.

• 1 Flood assessment of a commercial property for which water was entering controlled. 

Don’t hesitate to call 911 to report such events and never assume that others may have already called.