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4 People Rescued Behind the Highlands Center

17 July 2017   Scott Luedeman, Battalion Chief

Four people rescued behind the Highlands Center.

On Saturday, July 15, 2017 at about 3:30pm, Prescott Fire Dispatch received a 911 call of 4 people that were stranded on a trail by The Highlands Center for Natural History out Walker Road. The parties had been out enjoying the trails when they were caught in a thunderstorm. Flash flood conditions caused them to be unable to cross a creek cutting off their exit back to the parking lot. Engine 75, Engine 74, Support 74 with an inflatable boat, and Battalion 1 responded. Lifeline ambulance was also dispatched to the scene.  Crews located the people in about 20 minutes and were able to get them across the creek and back to their vehicles. The use of the boat and support vehicle was not needed. There were no injuries. The call took about an hour to complete.

Prescott Fire department would like to remind everyone that before going out and enjoying the great weather we have been having, please check your weather forecasts and make sure it supports the activity you are planning on doing. Thunderstorms can develop quickly and flash flooding is common in our small streams and creeks.