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Amazing Progress on the Brooklyn Complex Fires

11 July 2017  
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In one day containment on the Brooklyn Fire went from 0-75% contained.

The Brooklyn Fire started with a strike of lightning and spread at unbelievable speed. As Supervisor Tom Thurman said during tonight’s community meeting, “This fire just went, ‘poof!'" Within 36 hours, it had burned over 30K acres on the east side of I-17. Adding to that, two other fires started within 10 miles of the Brooklyn fire, the Cedar Fire and the Bull Fire. When the Type 1 Incident Management Team (IMT) was called in, it was decided to combine all three into one called the Brooklyn Complex Fire. 

The Type 1 IMT took command Monday morning at 6 AM. At 11 AM, the percentage of containment of all three fires was 0%. 

Boy, what a difference a full day of firefighting plus favorable weather conditions makes. The US Forest Service posted on their Facebook page, "Today, humidity levels increased, aiding firefighters. Storm activity today produced rain, hail and strong winds from a cell near Bumble Bee which moved across the northwest corner of the fire. Less storm coverage is expected Tuesday, July 11, but favorable weather is predicted to increase again toward the middle of the week.

Here are the latest stats, as reported by the Forest Service:

Brooklyn Fire: 32,778 acres, 75% contained

Bull Fire: 4081 acres, 50% contained

Cedar Fire: 679 acres, 95% contained

Personnel: 264

There are NO evacuations at this time. 

There are no impacts or closures on I-17.

Remember, wildfires are a NO DRONE ZONE. 


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