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CYFD Board Chair Packard Makes Statement Regarding Director Jacobs

19 May 2017  

This spring has seen turmoil bubble over at the Central Yavapai Fire Department.

Timeline of Events

March 14, 2017: Chief Freitag Submits Complaint Regarding Director ViciLee Jacobs

CAFMA Fire Chief Scott Freitag submits complaint to Central Yavapai Fire Department Board Chair Darlene Packard.

March 21, 2017: Chief Freitag's Letter Brought to CYFD Board

Freitag’s letter presented to the Central Yavapai Fire District Board, as well as to the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority.

Board Attorney instructed to secure an independent investigator to look into Freitag’s complaints.

April 4, 2017: CAFMA and CYFD Vote to Make Freitag's Complaint Public

CAFMA and CYFD agree to make Freitag’s complaint against Director Jacobs public. The response by Director Jacobs remained confidential.

May 16, 2017: Central Yavapai Fire Department Board Director Darlene Packard Makes Public Statement

CYFD Board Chair Darlene Packard makes statement regarding Jacobs in response to Freitag’s complaint. Again, Jacobs response is withheld. The Board votes 3-0 (Steele was absent, Jacobs recused herself) to make a strong statement of support for Chief Freitag. Attorney Cornelius also suggested that the entire Board be provided with re-training as to Board policies.

Throughout the entire meeting, while Packard read her statement, Jacobs remained still and silent. According to Attorney Nick Cornelius, Jacobs had previously indicated her intent to recuse herself during this portion of the meeting.


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