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Prescott Fire Rip & Run: April 10-16

20 April 2017   Don Devendorf, Fire Marshal

Prescott Rip & Run Summary of Emergency Calls April 10-April 16, 2017

Please accept this as the first edition of the weekly Rip & Run Summary of Emergency Calls that impact the citizens living in the City of Prescott. It is hoped this information will be shared with our community members to garner a better understanding as to the types, nature, and volume of calls for emergency service being responded to by your firefighters. Each week we will strive to publish this information along with a public service announcement highlighting many of the efforts undertaken to keep the Prescott community safe.

During the period of April 10-April 16, 2017 the Prescott Fire Department responded to a total of 173 calls for service consisting of the following:

  • 4 Working Fires including 3 vegetation fires.

  • 101 Emergency Medical Service calls including multiple motor vehicle accidents with or without injuries.

  • 5 Hazardous conditions including 2 involving aircraft and one involving defective wiring.

  • 31 Public service/assistance calls including 3 special needs assistance calls and 1 police department assist.

  • 27 Good intent including 1 hazardous material release investigation.

  • 5 False alarms/alarm sounding w/no fire.

Over the last week the Prescott and surrounding Fire Departments responded to several grass/vegetation fires that were a direct result of abandoned campfires or sparks from a moving vehicle (suspected tow chain dragging). These types of fires should be everyone’s concern. Every year tens of thousands of fires occur in the United States under similar circumstances (some are determined to be intentionally set). These fires result often times in death and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. Fires like this translate into higher insurance costs for everyone and since fires can easily spread from the original location, there is no telling who and what else will be endangered.

Don’t hesitate to call 911 to report such events and never assume that others may have already called.