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Wildland Fire Caused by Bird and Nest on High Voltage Lines

20 April 2017   Jeff Jones, Firefighter & Paramedic
Firefighter Samantha Vargas (one of the Prescott's newest firefighters), along with her Captain Nate Seets.

Bird and Nest Causes 20X20 Wildland Fire

About 5pm on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, a Prescott Fire Department engine was responding to a car accident with injuries when it came across what appeared to be a slow moving wildland fire on the northwest corner of Pioneer Parkway and Willow Creek road.  The original fire engine continued to the car accident and two additional engines and a Battalion Chief were dispatched to the wildland fire.  When the initial PFD engine arrived on scene, they found a 20X20 wildland fire that was burning in light brush and grass.  Winds were about 5 mph and the fire was quickly contained using a preconnected hoseline.  At the origin of the fire, unfortunately, was found a nest and deceased bird that had been atop the high voltage power lines.  The two fire engines had a commitment time of about 30 minutes to completely extinguish the fire and no damage was done to either persons or property.

Please find the attached picture of one of the newest Prescott Firefighters: