Today: Jan 23 , 2020

New Sex Offender Accountability Program

18 April 2017   Officer Dave Fuller

There is a new monthly verification system for sex offenders in the City of Prescott.

The Prescott Police Department has implemented a monthly verification system, for sex offender compliance. This operation is aimed at sex offenders residing within the jurisdiction of the City of Prescott which verifies residency and authenticates identification information provided by sex offenders during their mandatory registration.

This system, used to monitor all sex offenders within the City of Prescott, pertains to offenders who are registered, inactive, absconders, and those currently incarcerated.

On 2/14/17 in the City of Prescott, there were approximately 89 active registered sex offenders. As of 04/17/17, the City of Prescott now has 82, partially due to the new Sex Offender Accountability Program (SOAP), and monthly tracking system. This program is an important step, taken by the Prescott Police Department to ensure essential accountability for the registrants, and to keep our community safe.

Under Arizona Revised Statute 13-3824: Sex Offender Registration Violation: A person who is subject to registration under this article and who fails to comply with the requirements of this article is guilty of a class 4 felony.

PRESCOTT, Arizona is mandated by law to register sex offenders and to keep the community informed of where registered sex offenders reside.