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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: April 11, 2017

11 April 2017  

It's the live update of the Prescott City Council. Study session at 1, voting session at 3.



Agenda Packet 



1. Roll Call, All here, except for Councilman Lamerson. 


A. Annual US Forest Service Fire Threat Briefing

Council Memo Printout

Presentation by Sarah Tomsky, the District Ranger Bradshaw District, Prescott National Forest and Pete Gordon, Staff Officer, Fiels Fire & Aviation Program. 

Regardless of ignition source, the threat to life is the first consideration. 

Two types of wildland fire: Prescribed Fire & Wildfire

Wildfire is wildfire: Assessment same on all tires; tools and options same for all fires; outcomes are the only difference. 

Fires are prioritized based on minimizing risk to life, value protection, and probabilityf o strategic success. 

We never "let it burn".

Lazzell asks who makes the decisions about how to respond? Usually the district ranger or the forest supervisor - absolutely a collaborative effort and dialog. 

"We have what we call a doctrine and things that we consider, but we don't have a script."

"My biggest fear is not a fire within 2 or 3 miles from Prescott - my fear is a fire 5-8 miles from Prescott where they have not done the treatments."

They are doing landscape scale planning. 

As far as precipitation this year, it's been a great winter. Precipittion is between 147% - 213%. 

Hoping for a more moderate fire season, and not as long. 

There will be a flush of live fuel increases, greening up. 

Grass growth is high this year. 

Likelihood of grass fires this season. 

The Prescott National Forest Fire Activity in 2016 was 42 fires, 23 human caused, 19 lightning caused. 

Prescott is one of the best for collaboration and agencies coming together. 

National Aviation Resources: 

21 large air tankers

8 MAFFS air tankers

28 T1 helicopters

33 T2 helicopters

 46 T3 Helicopters

 33 SEATS (cropdusters)

+/- 20 additional air tankers

+/- 200 Additional helicopters

PNF Resources

4 lookout towers staffed

4 prevention/patrol units

5 fire engines, 3 type 3, 2 type 6

12 person fuels crew

20 person hotshot crew

Type III Helicopter with helitack crew

Jetted Prescott ATB upgraded improved in 2015 to accommodae 3rd loading pit, Jetted fleet and and more fixed wing parking

National Fire Cache

Prescott dispatch center

Orr noted that when she was helping pick up trash on White Spar Road, more cigarette butts were found than anything else. 

By thinning and managing the forest, it's more likely that the water shed would increase. 

Sischka asks what the need for trees on an acre of land. Yes, there's an ideal amount, but there are various factors that are considered. 

Blair asks if the burned areas are being left alone or reseeded? What do they need to do to replace the ecosystem?

Every piece of ground will have a different approach depending on the land. 

Sometimes a complete vegetation change occurs after a fire. 

Sischka asks about a communication lapse in Yarnell - what is the confidence that this won't happen again? They are doing the annual basin opps drill - a 20 year old event. It's for common communications, interoperability. 

There are new frequencies and they will be able to talk to one another on the scene of action. 

B. Presentation on the Water and Wastewater Utility Replacement Program

Council Memo Printout

In order to fight fire effectively, water is needed, says Henry Hash. 

Some of the infrastructure is 100 years old. 

The asset replacemnt is not a single program at this time. Replacement is a non-linear cost. 

Different things need to be replaced at different times. 

Points out that it's expensive to make emergency repairs. 

Existing water system:

2,732,000 LF of water main (over 500 miles)

36 booster pump stations

 25 storage tanks

Full water main replacement could be $450M

Ends up being $548 M

50 year replacement $10,960,000/year

60 year replacement $9.1 M/year

70 year replacement $7.9M/year

Need to invest in quality today to last 70 years. 


1,970,000 LF (about 375 miles)

Sewer Main replacemnt $175M

$274M total. 

Hoping to use top materials, "Set it and forget it."

Total investment - to have a total replacement in over 70 years, looking at about $12/m per year.

Need to be smart about the choice of assets. 

Oberg asks if the current fee structure supports any of the 3 lifecycle plans? 


The "pay as you go" is built into the rates. In July 2017, they'll have to look at higher rates. 

There will need to be additional funding to do everything they need to do.

C. Legislative Update

The legislature is winding down. 

Tyler Goodman forwarded the following list for us:

Bills no longer a concern:

SB1329 (Sen. Allen) Fire flow requirements. Sponsor pulled the bill for this session after lack of consensus among stakeholders
SB1371 (Sen. Peterson) SE hotel ownership and political subdivisions. An amendment will be made by sponsor to take out charter cities from this provision. Currently stuck in Rules because of constitutionality issues and probably won’t pass on the floor if it makes it to that point.

Other Items we’ve discussed:
HB2477 (Rep. Farnsworth) Civil asset forfeiture. Sent to Governor on 4/10, he has until 4/15 to decide. Still unsure if he’ll sign or veto
HB2410 (heart) & HB2161 (cancer) FF’s worker’s comp. Both held up in Rules Committee, but were found to be proper for consideration so will be scheduled for floor hearing in Senate.
SB1063 (Sen. Lesko) PSPRS risk pool. Placed on House consent calendar – expected to pass and be sent to the Governor.
Gov Budget/ABOR for Universities. No formal budget hearings have taken place, but there is little support from the legislature on this with concerns of recapturing TPT to fund universities. Appears that alternatives will be presented to the Governor’s staff.

Governor's Budget: Not support for budget for legislature. 

Council Memo Printout




Agenda Packet 



3. INVOCATIONS: Reverend Diane Dixon

4. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Councilman Blair


A. Roll Call - Councilman Lamerson is absent/excused.



A. Recognizing the 2017 Lions Club International Centennial Year Celebration

Charted in 1947. "Where there's a need, there's a Lion." This proclamation is a big deal to us. Recycles a lot of paper. 107 members in Prescott, evening club and morning. "We serve" is our motto. We plan to do a lot of serving this year. Purchasing a machine to take into schools. Project New Hope, a veteran's initiative. The Noon Lion's Club. 1.4 M Lions worldwide. 

Read by Councilman Steve Sischka.

B. Proclaiming April 9 - 15, 2017, as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Read by Councilwoman Jean Wilcox. 

C. Proclaiming April 2017, as Water Awareness Month 

Check out the Prescott Water Smart website for landscaping. 

The community has dropped down their water usage from 180 gallons to 120/day. 

Read by Councilman Steve Blair. 

D. Proclaiming April and May 2017, as Prescott's Bike Month

Read by Councilwoman Billie Orr.

BTW, May 19 is Ride to Work with the Mayor day. Get ready!



A. Update on the Mayor's Ad Hoc Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, by Bill Fanelli

Committee Objectives: 

General Plan: Ensure new facilities constructed to encourage Bike/Ped use

Accommodate multi-modal transportation.

Bike and Ped plan

Improve safety

Increaes trips

Improve Infrastructure. 

3 Principals:



Maximize economic benefits to the City of Prescott. 

Prescott is an outdoor destination. 

Road construction design phase

City Roadway standards

Incident reporting

Educaiton on Bike Safety and AZ & Prescott laws

Safe routes to school grant (over $1M via PAT)

Hub and Spoke Maps of key routes

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee points out many events for biking. 


Whiskey Off-Road

Prescott Punisher

Prescott MTB Festival

Mountain Mayhem

Bradshaw Grinder

NICA High School Race

Javalina Stampede

Skull Valley Loop Challenge

Going Forward


  • Lane marking and signage
  • Creating downtown cycling routes

Funding-for-profits in grant efforts

  • Continue to explore alternative funding opportunities
  • Assist local not-for profits in grant efforts


  • Survey schools for additional bike/ped infrastructure needs
  • Promote awareness/education for sharing facilities


  • Apply for bike friendly status

B. Update on Yavapai College, presented by Dr. Clint Ewell

Registration for summer classes has opened. 

9000 credit students

6000 non-credit students

Budget process underway, no request for a levy-increase. 

Will pursue a number of capitol projects, including a renovation of Building 1 and 15 - give them a facelift. Altogether, with Sedona and PV and Prescott $6M each.

Compared YC grads in Jr. Year to students that were already in the University and they did just as well. 

Performing Arts season coming to the end. 

Prescott Film Festival in June. 

Oberg asks if enrollment is holding steady - shrinking slightly, not unexpected. 

C. Update on the Art in Public Places Committee, by Cynthia Gresser

There is now a process to placing art in public places, and a full catalog of every piece of art in the City of Prescott. 

Photos include information on what the pieces are and the condition. 

Agreements are available online. 

Art in Public Places website. 


A. Approval of minutes for the City Council meetings held on March 28, 2017

Council Memo Printout

1. March 28, 2017, Special Meeting Minutes

2. March 28, 2017, Study Session Meeting Minutes

3. March 28, 2017, Voting Session Meeting Minutes

B. Approval of acceptance and expenditure of grant funds from the Yavapai Community Foundation in the amount of $11,500.00 to be utilized to purchase a new police K-9 and train a K-9 handler

Council Memo Printout

C. Approval of Grant Applications to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in the total amount of $116,000.00, for the replacement purchase of an unmarked traffic enforcement vehicle, and funds to offset overtime costs related to DUI and Traffic Enforcement

Council Memo Printout

D. Approval of an Agreement (City Contract No. 2017-290) with Storage at the Dells LLC., to provide various roadway improvements to and upon the City-owned State Route 89 right-of-way

Council Memo Printout
1. SR89 Left Turn Pocket Agreement Contract No. 2017-290

2. Location Map - Storage at the Dells SR89 Improvement Agreement

E. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to City Contract No. 2017-122A1 for professional services for the South Tank Rehabilitation Project, in the amount of $26,650.00

Council Memo Printout

1. Attachment A - RFI Coating Inspection Proposal

F. Award of City Contract No. 2017-291 to Traffic Safety, Inc. for the FY17 Annual Pavement Marking Contract Project, in the amount of $142,842.80

Council Memo Printout

1. FY17 Annual Pavement Marking Contract - Traffic Safety, Inc.

G. Approval of Final Plat (FP17-001) for Phases 1, 2 and 3 for Antelope Crossings P.A.D., a 255 lot single-family workforce housing Planned Area Development (PAD) [Zoning: Multi-Family High (MF-H); Business Regional (BR); Industrial Light (IL); APN 102-04-001M, 102-04-010T; Property Owner: James Deep Well Ranches #1, LLC]

Council Memo Printout
1. Aerial Location Map

2. Final Plat - Phase 1, 2, and 3

3. Preliminary Plat

4. Zoning Map

5. Airport Specific Area Plan (ASAP) Map

6. 2015 General Plan Land Use

Item D pulled at the request of the property owner. 

All other items pass unanimously. 



1. Public Hearing and consideration of a new liquor license application for a Series 19 Remote Tasting Room liquor license from Jeffrey Lee Herbert, applicant for Superstition Meadery, located at 120 W. Gurley Street

Council Memo Printout

Mead is the Oldest form of alcohol - all made from honey. 

a. Liquor License Series Number Definitions

b. R19-1-702

c. A.R.S. 4-205.10

Motion passes 6-0.



A. Public Hearing for the Alternative Expenditure Limit "Home Rule" Ballot Proposition

Council Memo Printout

1. Home Rule Summary Analysis Worksheet

2. Resolution No. 4379-1588

3. Home Rule Publicity Pamphlet (DRAFT)

Woodfill said that there will be a publicity pamphlet sent to the voters. 

Of the 90 cities 65 go for the homerule adjustment. 

"It's about home rule, local control," Orr said. 

Passes unanimously. 

B. Approval of Donation Agreement with Prescott Pickleball Association for the construction of the Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park (City Contract No. 2017-259); and the appropriation of $25,000.00 towards the cost of construction allocated out of the Bed Tax Fund

Council Memo Printout

1. Map

2. Donation Agreemation City Contract No. 2017-259

The money is actually coming from the Bed Tax Fund, not the General Fund. 

They have raised about $150K in donations. 

Upon completion, the courts will be donated to the City of Prescott, but the Pickleball Association will form a volunteers group to help. 

There are a couple of tornaments already scheduled. A kids camp will happen in July. Expected maintenance cost about $5500/year. 

The dedication ceremony is likely to take place in early June. 

Blair suggests that a restroom be designed for the Pickleball people. That's on the schedule for 2018.

Sischka asks if there would be room for another 8 courts if needed. Answer: Yes.

Orr explains that the return on the investment to the City will be ten-fold (her prediction.)

Wilcox suggests some shade structures from park impact fees. 

Orr points out that it is also a spectator sport. "It is truly a beautiful complex and it is state of the art... We can actually be the destination [for pickleball] ... Best facilities in Arizona and possibly in the southwest. 

Motion passes unanimously. 

C. Award of City Contract No. 2017-289 for the purchase of Library materials from multiple vendors in a total amount not to exceed $180,000.00 per year for each year of the contract, depending on the Library's annual approved budget

Council Memo Printout

1. Library Materials Bids March 2017

Doing it this way will allow the Library to use the best available price for materials.  

Motion passes unanimously. 

Founding Father quote: "The man who needs nothing at all, is better than the man who reads nothing but the newspaper." Thomas Jefferson. 






























































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