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Veteran Funeral Procession

31 March 2017   Lt. Vince Schaan

Fourteen United States Military Veterans will be traveling through the Town of Chino Valley to Prescott.

On March 31, 2017 the remains of 14 United States Military Veterans will be traveling through the Town of Chino Valley.  These veterans are enroute to their final resting place at the Prescott National Cemetery in Prescott, AZ.  These veterans will be traveling through Chino Valley on their way to Prescott sometime between 12:20 pm and 1:00 pm.  The procession will be led by Patriot Guard Riders and will include a procession of lights and sirens.  Those leading the procession will also be blocking traffic at intersections as they escort these veterans through our community.

This release is being issued for two reasons.  We want to ensure all those traveling on our roads understand the traffic aspect but more so we want to inform our community to ensure they have the ability to come out show their respect to these 14 veterans.  The route expected is straight through Chino Valley on State Route 89 from the north heading south.  Please respect the motorcade and those involved in the procession as they travel through our community.  

If you would like to show your respect and watch the procession please do so by parking legally off the roadway and without obstructing traffic to local businesses.