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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: March 14, 2017

14 March 2017  

It's the Live Update of the Prescott City Council. No study session today - starts at 3 PM.




Agenda Packet




Rabbi Adele Plotkin, Beit Torah


Mayor Oberg


A. Roll Call



A. Update on the NAU Prescott Valley Campus, by Richard Heath

The campus opened in 2010. 

The campus is very affordable, with very flexible options. Classes are on Tuesday, Thursday and evenings. Students range in age from 17-62. 

4 different degrees. 

Can get degree in 2-3 year timeframe. 

Strong relationship with Yavapai College. 

Making sure individuals have opportunities to experience work world through internships, shadow opportunities, etc.

Heath said, "Back then, I was sold a degree... In the days when you actually wrote a letter to someone and asked for a job."

"Connections are really important, work experience is important. I want to make sure those students stay here. We know how important work force is," Heath said.

Also discusses welcome center in PV for Lumberjack (NAU) merchandise and information.

Where they are headed: Committed to Prescott area, wants to add degree programs in business and hospitality. Perhaps Master's Degree level. "Want to make sure we meet demands of our students."

Wants to build collaborations with municipalities and businesses. "How can we better serve you?"

1 NAU format. Will have all outreach admissions, academic advising centralized. 

The welcome center is the message center for all of NAU.

Wants to encourage a strong alumni chapter in the Prescott area. There are approximately 2400 alumni in this community. Wants to support community development, business community, and more. 



A. Approval of minutes for the City Council meetings held on February 21, 2017, February 24, 2017, and February 28, 2017

Council Memo Printout

1. February 21, 2017, Special Meeting Minutes

2. February 24, 2017, Special Study Session Meeting Minutes

3. February 28, 2017, Special Meeting Minutes

4. February 28, 2017, Study Session Meeting Minutes

5. February 28, 2017, Voting Meeting Minutes

B. Award of City Contract No. 2017-264 to Henry & Horne LLP, for the Independent Financial Statement Audit for Fiscal Years 2017, 2018, and 2019, for the City and the Hassayampa Community Facilities Districts, in the amount of $115,405.00 over the three year period

Council Memo Printout

1. Professional Auditing Services Contract, City Contract No. 2017-264

2. Exhibit A - 2017 Audit RFP

3. Exhibit B - Henry & Horne Proposal

C. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-270 with Kronos for Public Safety Software Upgrade in an amount not to exceed $11,424.57, using Mohave County Arizona Contract No. 14L-KRON-1107 pricing

Council Memo Printout

1. Police On-Premise Telestaff Quote

2. Prescott Fire Telestaff Upgrade Quote

3. Q557562 Prescott Police

4. Q557596 Prescott Fire

D. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-271 with ESRI, Inc., for a three-year GIS Enterprise Licensing Agreement in an amount not to exceed $38,500.00 per year, using State of Arizona Contract No. ADSPO15-097108 pricing 

Council Memo Printout

1. City of Prescott SGEA Proposal

E. Approval to perform night work at the Intersection of W. Willis Street and N. Cortez Street associated with the Willis and Cortez Streets Intersection Repair Project, Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. April through July 2017 

Council Memo Printout

1. Willis and Cortez Streets Map

F. Approval to purchase a Hofmann Heavy Duty Alignment Machine from O'Reilly Auto Parts utilizing the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) Contract No. 05-13 pricing, in the amount of $53,416.41 (City Contract No. 2017-097) 

Council Memo Printout

1. O'Reilly Auto Parts Quote dated February 14, 2017

G. Approval of an Infrastructure Settlement Agreement (City Contract No. 2017-265) with Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe ("YPIT")

Council Memo Printout

1. Water Infrastructure Settlement Agreement (City Contract No. 2017-265)

H. Approval of RP16-009, Revision of Plat for “Touchmark at the Ranch PAD” to replace twenty-four (24) multi-family units in six (6) four-plex buildings with eleven (11) single-family lots, and plat a new twenty-six foot private road for access to the Grand Lodge. [Owner: Touchmark at the Ranch, LLC, 5150 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton, Oregon 97005] 

Council Memo Printout

1. Revision of Plat

2. Recorded Final Plat

3. Aerial Location Map

I. Adoption of Resolution No. 4378-1587 establishing an Airport Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4378-1587

All consent items pass unanimously. 



1. Approval of a Series 15 Special Event Liquor License Application for Yavapai Trails Association; Event Location: Manzanita Outfitters; Applicant: George S. Sheats; City Application No.: 17-008S; Date/Time of Event Liquor Sales; Saturday, April 15, 2017; 9:00 am to 7:00 pm


Council Memo Printout

a. Yavapai Trails Association Application Information

b. Location Map

c. Liquor License Series Number Definitions

d. +ARS 4-203.02: Special event license; fees

2. Approval of a Series 15 Special Event Liquor License Application for Prescott Area Celtic Society; Event Location: Watson Lake; Applicant: Andrew J. Hamilton; City Application No.: 17-007S; Date/Time of Event Liquor Sales: Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14, 2017; 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Passed unanimously. 

Council Memo Printout

a. Prescott Area Celtic Society Application Information

b. Location Map

c. Liquor License Series Number Definitions


Passed unanimously. 

3. Approval of a Series 16W Fair/Festival Special Event Liquor License application for the Mountain Artist Guild-Arts and Craft Show and Wine Festival (eight applicants), located at 100 Block of South Cortez St.; Date/Time of Event Liquor Sales: Saturday, May 13, 2017, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 14, 2017, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Council Memo Printout

a. Mountain Artist Guild - Arts & Craft Show & Wine Festival Application Information

b. Location Map

c. Liquor License Series Number Definitions

d. A.R.S. 4-203.03 Wine festival license: wine fair license; fee

This one has been pulled until a meeting in April, due to changes in the event. 



A. Legislative Update

Consolidated elections could be back on the burner. There is not a lot of concern, although it is still moving through legislature. It is expected that it will not hold up in court if it passes.

The legislature wants to make it more difficult to seize assets in forfeiture. 

Chief Black is not in favor of this. Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk is representing the County and the City on this issue. 

Workman's comp for firefighters with heart problems - would limit it to incidents within 24 hours of an event. There is also a bill addressing cancer concerns. 

The Governor has a proposal for the Universities to avoid paying TPT (transaction privilege tax) - it is believed to be bad for cities. They think it would cost cities millions of dollars, it would reduce state-shared revenue. 

Wilcox notes that the legislature cut funding for universities and local community colleges. 

Sischka asks if the Governor understands the cause and effect of the plan.

One of the concerns is that once it's started, it will snowball. 

Here is a video on the issue from the Governor's office:

Council Memo Printout

1. Legislative Agenda 2017

B. Award of City Contract No. 2017-263 to Fann Contracting, Inc., for the Transfer Station Slab Remediation and Scale Replacement Project in an amount not to exceed $435,420.00

Reduced hours are being recommended during construction, but the facilities will be open as much as possible: 

Thursdays closed.

Hours from 8-3.

May added for free brush on Saturdays. (Usually it is in June.)

Blair asks how long the slab will last. It will be designed to last longer than it has this time. 

The curing will take a week or two for the slab. The biggest part of the project is the scale replacement. 

Lazzell suggests that signs be placed with plenty of notice on Pioneer Parkway. 

Motion passes unanimously. 

Council Memo Printout

1. Exhibit A - Transfer Station Slab and Scale Location Map

C. Adoption of Ordinance No. 5025-1563 amending Prescott City Code Title IV, Chapter 4-6, Sections 4-6-1 ("Definitions") and 4-6-2 ("License Required; Exemptions")

 This is the business license change that the council voted down last meeting. 

Without a business license, the city does not have information they can share with even public safety members. 

2382 applications are in.

663 residential rentals

Vacation Rentals 32

Structured Sober Living 21 - another 25 are owned by one entity, and they are working with the City. 

They are still working with the IT Department for the directory. 

The information will be limited. Name, Phone, Address, Business activity, NAICS, Description.

Today's issue is to look at the long-term rentals. 

The recommendation is to exclude these. 

"In the spring of 2016 Council adopted business license regulations requiring all businesses including residential rentals to be licensed.  One of the reasons for the new licensing requirements was to track who and what type of businesses were operating in the City including sober living homes and vacation rentals, which fall under the residential rental category.  Later in the year a separate sober living home license and vacation rental license were adopted by Council.
"Implementation of the new licenses adopted by Council began in January 2017.  As we work with our citizens several complaints about the requirements related to licensing individual long-term residential rentals were voiced.  Staff reviewed the need to license long-term residential rental properties and determined that it was no longer needed with the new sober living home and vacation rental licenses."

"I don't agree with the business license. I don't support exemptions," Lamerson said. 

Blair said, he wouldn't support a business license. Doesn't think he's getting anything for the license. He supports the directory, though, and will now support it. 

Wilcox notes that the amendment provides one exemption. "If we don't approve the amendment, then the business license stands as it is?" Right. 

The City is limited to what they receive from the Department of Revenue, and they are limited to what they can do with it.

"No exemptions, or exempt everybody," insists Lamerson. 

Daniel Mattson thinks that an exemption is appropriate, especially for long-term rentals. 

Rent-Rite: Asks if they would do an exemption, and wants to have his owners off the list. 

"If we're going to exempt some, exempt all. That's my argument... We're all in it together. What we don't do is create exemptions." Lamerson reiterated. 

Orr expresses her appreciation for the efforts of the staff and the public to work through a solution. 

Motion passes 6-1, Lamerson in opposition. 

Council Memo Printout

1. Ordinance No. 5025-1563

D. Approval of an agreement with POLCO for the purpose of conducting online citizen surveys, for a period of one-year in an amount not to exceed $6,000.00 (City Contract No. 2017-276)

 Looked at a variety of polling agencies. Most were in the range of $20-30K, only 12 weeks of work. 

Online polling service. 

Provide professional assistance with the formulation of questions.

Have a vetting process (can sort out only Prescott residents.)

Provide assistance with marketing promotions. 

Accessibility: A site that works well on smart phones and tablets. Can use the library, too. 

One year agreement, paid monthly. Unlimited use. 

Customer service, customer feedback on services. Ballot initiative gaps in knowledge and information in the public. 

The tool can be used to determine what services are important to the public. 

Private, proprietary information - info will stay with the city, will not be sold to marketers. 

Wilcox wants access to poll as broad as possible - including terminals in educational institutions, maybe grocery store. She thinks it will provide systematic information. 

Sischka wants further explanations of how it can be used. 

He asks what opportunities there are for abuse with the system. 

The company will also provide trend analysis. 

City Manager suggests that it is not perfect data, but it is better than no data. 

Councilwoman Orr thinks this will take them off focus. She does not think it should be used for PSPRS. "I'm a no vote on this. This council, the most important thing we can do right now, is get out to talk to our constituents."

Lamerson: Doesn't buy into anything that could be considered exclusionary. He is worried about people who do not use technology. He doesn't think they should poll on the .75% issue. Lamerson wants more details on some of the other issues that can be polled about. 

Lamerson said he doesn't want to try to manipulate the market. "I don't see the value for the dollar at this time."

Blair: "We have an opportunity to be more focused. We have 23-25K water bills. We know that those are the people we need to reach. "From my standpoint, that $6K can be used somewhere else."

Oberg: This is a valuable opportunity, anything that promotes transparency is good. He will be a yes vote. 

Orr thinks they should stay on message, and go face to face with constituents. She thinks this may be a good tool in the future. 

Lamar agrees that this tool cannot be all the eggs in the basket. 'I think it could help. It's just an idea, it's a tool."

Daniel Mattson thinks there might be value in the tool, wonders if they can have a shorter contract. Thinks they can use the city's website for questions. 

Mattson thinks in the public, this will be an excuse to not vote for the PSPRS. He suggests it be brought up at a later date or table it. 

Ross Mossoni: Thinks polls are a waste of time. "If polls were really good, we'd have Hillary as a president. The only thing the 'pole' is good for is to buy at True Value and go fishing."

Sandra Smith: Thinks that PSPRS should not be involved in this. Wants to know how voters will learn about it. Polling has a place, but you must be careful about the wording of the questions. I'm a little wary about using it that way. 

Phil Goode: I don't think this is a PSPRS issue, it's more of an essential services issue. The city is in a very tight budget situation. The question should be, 'Is this an essential service? Is it really essential? ...These side issues have to be denied. Is polling valuable? I think it can be, but this is a luxury we cannot afford." 

Wilcox makes a motion, Orr seconds but makes it clear she will vote no. 

Motion fails 5-2, Oberg and Wilcox in favor; Orr, Lazzell, Lamerson, Sischka, Blair against. 

Council Memo Printout

1. POLCO Services License Agreement, City Contract No. 2017-276

2. POLCO Statement of Work


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