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Daylight Saving Time Strikes Again - But Somewhere Else

12 March 2017  

All across the country, people are fiddling with their clocks.

It’s that time of year again. Time to move the clocks ahead and ‘spring forward’. But, wait! We’re in Arizona, and our state doesn’t change their clocks either forward or backward.

Folks, you may be surprised to know that Arizona (and Hawaii, another state that doesn’t bother with the whole clock-changing thing…) is envied by folks across the nation, who unfortunately live in the states that switch back and forth, like, well, clockwork. For example, in The Verge, there’s an article called, "Daylight Saving Time is Hot Garbage.” Seriously.

Author Elizabeth Lopatto writes, "Personally, I don't care whether we stick with DST or standard time. What I want, most of all, is to stop resetting my damn clock — the time change is, quite literally, a killer.”

Arizonans can take pride in their steadfastness. Their lack of wish-washiness. Their stability. Well, except for the Arizonans living on the Navajo Nation. Yet, even though the Navajo Nation entirely surrounds the Hopi Nation, the Hopis have resisted the modern change, and they side with the rest of their Arizona compatriots, maintaining their consistency across all seasons and calendars.

You can read more about Arizona’s history with DST (by the way, it is Daylight Saving Time, not Savings-plural) here: No DST in Most of Arizona.

In the meantime, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) held a Safety Message Contest, and although they haven’t chosen the winner yet, they did pluck one of the messages out of the pile, for use on this significant day:

Arizona Doesn’t Spring Forward
We Buckle Up

"Instantly, we loved the message,” ADOT writes on their website."Often, our safety messages are related to holidays or current events, like popular concerts, blockbuster movie premieres and sporting events. Ambiel’s message makes that connection too, tying something everyone is familiar with, like daylight saving time, with a safety element. Did you know that about 30 percent of all people killed on Arizona’s roads each year weren’t wearing seat belts? In 2015, that equaled 258 unnecessary fatalities."


Lynne LaMaster

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