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Jeff DeWit: Trump Brings Tireless Effort and Fresh Opportunities

05 March 2017  

Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who joined Trump’s Make America Great Again effort early on, was the featured speaker at the Annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner last week.

While speaking to the Yavapai County Republicans at their annual Lincoln Reagan fundraising dinner, DeWit started out by picking up a campaign button that read, 'Trump is My President,’ and grinned, stating, “...which I’m very happy about."

He told a story about a recent event he attended, and said a woman came up to him, who was clearly was unhappy about the results of the election. "So, we’re milling about,” DeWit explained. “And she walks up and says, 'He’s not my President.’ ...I responded, 'Oh, what country are you from?'”

DeWit was elected as Treasurer with the most votes of any state-wide elected official in the history of Arizona. "I make a lot less money [as State Treasurer], I see my family a lot less. But, you want to make a difference,” he explained.

After being elected to the Arizona State Treasurer’s office in 2014, DeWit said he joined a couple of national organizations for State Treasurers. One of the organizations held a conference with Donald Trump as the featured speaker. Trump and DeWit met at the conference, and DeWit mentioned that he would be interested in helping Trump’s campaign for President. And, that was the beginning of a whirlwind adventure for DeWit.

DeWit was the Arizona State Chairman for the Trump campaign, and then he was asked to become the Chief Operations Officer and the Chief Financial Officer of the Trump campaign after Corey Lewandowski left. In that role, DeWit said he handled the money and the “nitty-gritty,” arranging for everything from challenge coins to air transportation. "I learned that 12 hours sleep a week was the minimum requirement for a human to survive," he joked.

According to DeWit, the Trump campaign had 1/8th the staff of the Clinton campaign, just 155 people on the payroll nationwide. Yet, they did five times the number of events. “We had a candidate that’s tireless… We have a president that knows how to work,” DeWit said.

DeWit showed pride in the President’s accomplishments to date. "People are seeing the [Neil] Gorsuch pick [for Supreme Court], they’re seeing the cabinet picks… You look at what Donald Trump has done, and he’s changed the map forever. For the Republican Party. And that’s something that we desperately, desperately needed.”

Speaking of the opportunity the Republicans now have, DeWit is optimistic.

"I think we have a chance right now. We have a chance, like no other, that if we do a good job, that if everyone gets on board, and we really push in the next two years, and we do a good job to fix the problems in our country, we have a chance to expand the map.” DeWit noted, and then turned his attention to immigration. “Look at Mitt Romney, who... got 19% of the Hispanic vote. Donald Trump, the media kept telling us, the Hispanics hate him, they don’t like his message, the Hispanic channels would beat him up constantly. Trump got 29% of the Hispanic vote."

“People that come here the right way, hate it even more than we do when people cut the line and do it the wrong way,” he said. "They want a strong immigration policy. They want a country that protects it’s borders. And a country that fights for our citizens. That’s what we’re supposed to do. America first.”

"Since 2001, under the last two Presidents, over 50,000 factories have closed. Fifty thousand,” DeWit reiterated. "And here you have a working class, that, let’s be real. They put their faith in the Democratic Party, that’s the way they voted for a long time. And they realize now, they’ve been lied to. And they’re distraught. And they’re watching their houses get foreclosed on, their jobs going away."

"It’s called the rust belt, right? Not the shiny-new-factory belt,” DeWit pointed out. "But, at one point, it was. And these are the voters that crossed over to give Republicans a chance.”

"I think what we have in the future of the party is this: The Republican Party is the party of people who work. If you work, and you pay taxes, you must be Republican... That is how I think the lines should be drawn. And that’s what we need to buy into, that we’re the party of the people who work. We have a chance to get the blue collar workers from across this country. They’re coming into the Republican Party. We’ve had so many people come and vote Republican - they’re with us. But, we’ve got to deliver. We have to deliver."

“We not only have a Republican White House, we have a Republican Senate, and a Republican House and the majority of Republican governors, the majority of Republican State Legislatures, and even a majority of Republican mayors across this country right now,” he pointed out.

But, DeWit warns that politicians better be ready to work under a Trump presidency. “I’ll tell you what. They better be ready to work. Donald Trump, he works. We have a chance right now to deliver. The election is over, and we have to keep working. Let’s make sure we have good constitutional Republicans around our President right now to just support him and help him. And anybody’s that not on board, we’ve got to get rid of them. We’ve got to get things done.”

Then, to illustrate the idea of getting things done, DeWit slipped into the auctioneer role for the fundraising portion of the Yavapai Republicans Lincoln Reagan Dinner.

5 things you may not know about the Trump campaign:

  • All official campaign items (hats, pins, t-shirts, challenge coins, etc.) were made in America.

  • The Trump campaign never had much more than about 155 members on their staff. (Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff was at least four times as large.)

  • Trump did five times as many events as Clinton.

  • Trump got 29% of the Hispanic vote as compared to Romney, who got 19% in 2012.

  • The Hilton Ballroom in New York, where Trump held his election night party, is the actual ballroom, where in 1979, Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for President.


Lynne LaMaster

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