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Crime Reporting Goes Online in Prescott

16 February 2017  

Report some crimes online.

Do you have a non-violent crime to report in the City of Prescott? You can now head to your computer instead of a phone, and report the incident through the Prescott Police Department web portal. 

How? Here is the direct link to the Citizen Online Reporting web page, just click on the button at the top of the page. 

There are some requirements:

The incident must occur within the City of Prescott

  • You must not know the suspect
  • It must be a non-violent crime - no break-ins of your home or vehicle or physical assault
  • You must not have evidence that could lead to the identification of a suspect

According to Officer David Fuller, the uses of this tool are limited at this point, because a great deal of crime needs an Officer to take the report so that investigative leads can be pursued. 

"If it is a break in of some sort, then we would want to have the ability to process the scene and such. A violent crime, we would certainly want to investigate in person for a variety of reasons,” Fuller explained.  

He provided examples that would be ideal for the on-line reporting option:

  •  You wake up to discover that person/s unknown has damaged your decorative light on the pillar at the edge of your driveway.  
  •   You have somehow lost your keys at the mall.               
  • Someone has stolen your yard decorations during the night.

Fuller said that in the future, the program may be expanded to include other types of crimes. 

Here is the official press release:

 Prescott Police On-Line Reporting Option

Recently the Prescott Police Department began offering another option to our community for reporting non-violent crime. The Prescott Police Department website now offers a portal through which our community members can report crimes and add additional information to reports that have already been made.

The type of crime that can be reported on-line is limited to non-violent, and property crimes such as vandalism, theft, harassing phone calls, lost property, and suspicious activity. The reporting party will be required to provide some basic information regarding themselves and the incident they wish to report. Within 5-7 business days after submitting a report, the reporting party will be contacted via e-mail or phone with a report number.  

Reports which do not meet the on-line reporting criteria will not be eligible and will not be permitted to be entered on-line and the reporting party will be directed to contact the police department to speak with an officer. 

This service is provided as an ongoing effort by the Prescott Police Department to offer different options that may be more convenient and accessible for members of our community.

We encourage those who have not visited the Prescott Police Department website recently to do so and learn more about this new option for reporting at

Lynne LaMaster

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