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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: February 14, 2017

14 February 2017  

There are 3 Council meetings today - hope they really, really love one another on this Valentine's Day!

Executive Session:


Discussion or consultation with the City Attorney regarding the City's position regarding contracts that are the subject of negotiations A.R.S. 38-431.03(A)(4)

1. Contract negotiations with The ROBB Group, LLC

Discussion or consultation with designated representatives of the city to consider its position and instruct its representatives regarding negotiations for the purchase, sale, or lease of real property A.R.S. 38-431.03(A)(7)

2. Disposition of City surplus property

Study Session:



 Agenda Packet 



1. Roll Call


A. Presentation by Public Works on the Mid-Year Status of the FY17 Capital Improvement Program

Council Memo Printout

Councilman Lamerson pointed out that he is not interested in spending money on things that are not necessary until the PSPRS issues are settled.

A lot of deferred maintenance, no luxury items. 

"Want to make sure projects are done as efficiently as possible."

Mayor Oberg noted that he had heard compliments on the customer service from Contractors. 

 Lamerson is more interested in safety than beautification. 

B. Presentation by Public Works and the Design Consultant for the Goodwin Street Improvement Project

Council Memo Printout

Lowering curb heights from 18-12", underground water system. 

Wilcox asks, "Where are the bike lanes?"

This is an initial concept - not finished yet. 

Wilcox said she does not like angled parking. 

Providing more room for angled parking and visibility. 

Wider sidewalks. Blair suggests 8 foot wide sidewalks, multi-use paths.

Possible traffic circle (roundabout) at Summit and Goodwin.

First public meeting will be March 1, 2017. 

1. Goodwin Street Vicinity Map

Public comment: Sandra Smith: Traffic circles are a problem for people with alternative mobility, ie: wheelchairs. 


C. Agreement for Hydrogeological Modeling Services (Big Chino Sub-Basin Groundwater Flow Model)

The data will be monitored and compiled for about 3 years.  

It is estimated that the amount that the City would pump is small in comparison to the exempt wells.

The cost will be $1,149,000, to be divided amongst Prescott, Prescott Valley and SRP.

 This model is expected to be run over 3 years. By 2020 they expect to have a very strong groundwater model. 

D. Legislative Update:

No PSPRS consideration at the Legislature this session.

PSPRS is recommending that items outside of control of the cities be risk-pooled. 

Ken Strobeck is the leader of the advisory committee. 

Lazzell asks if the pooling is an administrative decision, or does it have to be taken to the voters. It is an administrative decision.

Some communities are supporting stratification - ie: pooling amongst community according to size. 

Local boards being discussed.

Budget amendments: Currently receiving $1M/year for GMHS. Suggestion is that the City wait until they have a better number next year.

Exempt well to require 3 bids: Probably run next year. Average of 3 bids, to make sure it would be cheaper to drop the well than hook up to the City. 

Might be able to prohibit new exempt wells to subdivision plats. Right now, if it is cheaper to drill the well, they can do so legally. 

Construction sales Tax: HB 2521 - Being changed to create a redistribution based on a 4%. League opposed, the Governor is opposed. Mayors are against it, too. Not likely to pass.

Consolidated election dates: City could only hold an election to raise sales tax in even-numbered years.

Only allow the City to contract with the county on even-numbered years.

HB2213: Excise tax - League is not in favor of it. It will be heard in the COW agenda soon. 

HB2179: IGAs - require the City to review the IGAs every 8 years. Will add administrative tasking.

SB1329: Fire equipment - bad bill. City code for fire protection would not apply to certain residential properties. 

SB1247: Conservation easements - be required to make an annual payment in lieu of property taxes - retroactive.

Adjourned - resume in 10 minutes.


Voting Meeting



Agenda Packet 




Father Ralph, Sacred Heart Catholic Church


Councilman Sischka


A. Roll Call



A. Presentation by Sister Cities, introducing Consul General German Alvarez

Presentation made by the Honorable Enrique Melendez. He points out that today El Salvador still has a platoon of troops fighting alongside American troops. 

He reviews some of the accomplishments of the Suchitoto-Prescott sister city relationship:

Donated an ambulance

Built a children's park

Donated $10K to help during an El Salvadorean earthquake

Wants to bring 6 students and 2 teachers to Prescott - needs $10K. They have $4K, and have hopes to raise the rest soon. 

They are asking that the City of Prescott continue their relationship with the community of Suchitoto. 

The Consul General asks, with all humbleness, that he may be allowed to come and clean a park in Prescott as a thank you for the park donated in Suchitoto. 

Councilman Lamerson thanks them for coming, and says, "Our bonds are solid with El Salvador. Thank you for being here."

B. Oath of Office for Prescott City Judge Glenn Savona


A. Approval of minutes from the Council meetings held on January 24, 2017, and January 30, 2017

Council Memo Printout

1. January 24, 2017, Study Session Meeting minutes

2. January 24, 2017, Special Meeting minutes

3. January 24, 2017, Voting Meeting minutes

4. January 30, 2017, Special Study Session Meeting minutes

B. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement for Potable Water, City Contract No. 2017-205A1, with Bethel Development, Inc., for construction of a 72-unit apartment complex on APNs 113-07-070 and 113-07-071B at 519 Miller Valley Road

Council Memo Printout

1. Location Map

2. Amendment No. 1 to City Contract No. 2017-205A1

C. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement for Potable Water, City Contract No. 2017-009A1, with RAN & Associates, for construction of a 200-unit apartment complex on APN 106-13-03-031H at 2015 Willow Lake Road 

Council Memo Printout

1. Location Map

2. Amendment No. 1 to City Contract No. 2017-009A1

D. Adoption of Resolution No. 4371-1580 approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe for the purpose of providing all-risk emergency response and fire prevention activities by the Prescott Fire Department (City Contract No. 2017-224) 

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4371-1580

2. Intergovernmental Agreement (City Contract No. 2017-224)

E. Approval to return the Economic Strength Project Grant (ESP) for the extension of Corsair Avenue in the Prescott Airpark, awarded by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) in the amount of $500,000.00 

Council Memo Printout

F. Adoption of Ordinance No. 5023-1561 accepting a Water Meter Easement (City Contract No. 2017-248) from NIKI Prescott, LLC, for the new Maverik Gas Station located at 650 Whipple Street 

Council Memo Printout

1. Ordinance No. 5023-1561

2. Aerial Map of Easement Area

3. Water Meter Easement Agreement (City Contract No. 2017-248)

Consent Agenda passes unanimously. 



1. Approval of a Series 15 Special Event Liquor License Application for Prescott Center for the Arts, located at 208 N. Marina Street, Applicant: Robyn Jo Allen; City Application No.: 17-001S; Date/Time of Event Liquor Sales: Saturday, March 18, 2017, 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

Council Memo Printout

a. Prescott Center of the Arts, Application Information

b. Location Map

c. Liquor License Series Number Definitions

d. ARS 4-203.02: Special event licenses; rules

2. Approval of a Series 15 Special Event Liquor License Application for Prescott Frontier Days, located at 840 Rodeo Drive, Applicant: Wendelyn Holmquist Elgen; City Application No.: 17-0002S; Date/Time of Event Liquor Sales: Saturday, March 4, 2017, 5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. 

Council Memo Printout

a. Prescott Frontier Days, Inc. Applicaiton Information

b. Location Map

c. Liquor License Series Number Definitions

d. ARS 4-203.02 Special event license; rules

Special Event Liquor License passes unanimously. 


A. Award of 26 facility and building maintenance service contracts for maintenance and repairs of City buildings, in an amount not to exceed $20,000.00 per individual repair cost

Council Memo Printout

1. Listing of Contracts and Vendors


The City cannot give local preferential treatment, except under certain, limited situations.  

B. Discussion of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) funding options, to include reserve funds and reduced spending through alternative service delivery

Mayor Oberg is making a statement about some of the speculations that are rampant. "We need to make sure we are dealing from facts."

"I think it is best to say that we have a liability we have to pay down," Oberg said. "We know that for a fact."

"We have concerns with the system. We do not have concerns with the firemen and policemen providing the public safety services," Oberg said. "I think we are going to see some changes here shortly, but I am not going to say what they are until a little further down the road."

Oberg points out that some of the options may not be able to be accomplished short term. He points out that voters need to know they're getting the absolute truth as the City has it. "We need to start to coalesce as a council."

Steve Blair suggests that the City should sue the state on several levels: 

1. Get autonomy back as a community.

2. Notes that the State has removed the right to raise revenue in various ways. 


"We have wandered around in the weeds for long enough. We could wait for a thousand different reasons. But it's not getting anything done. We need to be concisive, and tell a compelling story."


Points out that the Town Hall organized by Oberg with the Reason Foundation was not sanctioned by the Council. "What we really need to look at is what this community will tolerate," Wilcox said. "Take the think tanks out of the mix and let us make our own decisions in Prescott."

Lamerson points out that an actuarial is not a real number. It may happen, it may not. 


I understand Steve's position, I think that the state has overreached. "So, yeah. We should think about that."

Blair points out that next year is a reelection year for the Governor, "Let's get his attention."

Orr requests that they direct staff to come back with ballot language next week. 

Lazzell: "Steve, I agree with you. We need to send a message, whether it's a smoke message or a finger, whatever."

"You've got to ask yourself a question, 'Why did all of us move here or stay here if we were born here? ...To do nothing, we won't have it."

 Lazzell agrees with Billie, let's get ballot language. 

Oberg says that they're not going to do "nothing." There is going to be a 2-track system, local and legislative. 

City Manager Lamar agrees that they need to exhaust the options, but anything else other than a revenue source is only around the margins. 

Sischka points out that the problem with the General Fund will break the City if they don't do something. 

Mark Woodfill starts his presentation. 

How is Public Safety funded? 

Mostly from general funds money, grants, taxes, state-shared revenues. 


Using reserves to pay down liability. 

Using reserves are not self-repairing. 

Multiple payments over time to pay down PSPRS liabilities will reduces the market condition risk. 

Lamerson wants to have a dedicated police and fire department revenue resource. 

When the fund is not performing well, it is not recommended to add a lot of extra money to the PSPRS fund at the moment.

Using a smaller amount more often limits the risk. 

Daniel Mattson: The only solution that we have left is the sales tax. Bankruptcy is just cheating our public safety persons out of their pension. We're not talking about taxing ourselves out of the market here. We might as well put this on the ballot and start concentrating on telling people that's what we need to do. 

Eliminated the Field & Facilities Department and split it between two other departments. 

"Things I care about... To try to find better ways of delivering services in this organizations," said the City Manager Lamar.

City manager points out that the new CAD system will allow the City to Triage the calls for both police and fire, allowing the proper response. 

Here is the presentation that City Manager Michael Lamar discussed at the Town Hall. This presentation is almost identical:

City Manager Michael Lamar:  Increasing Prescott’s Efficiency and Effectiveness in Public Safety Service Delivery

They are also discussing the idea of using a military-style staffing model beyond college outreach. This idea is very conceptual at this point. 

Lamar also discusses Hypothetical Ideas (Please don't raise the red flag!)

Service Delivery Areas Where Public Private Partnershops Could be Considered"

Enterprise Activities:

  • Utilities
  • Solid Waste 
  • Street Maintenance
  • Airport
  • Facility Leases

"What works in another jurisdiction is not always the best idea for this community," Lamar said. 

  • Internal Services: 
  • Payroll
  • Legal
  • IT 
  • Building Maintenance
  • Fleet

Council Memo Printout

Lazzell likes all the idea, "Is there somebody private that can come in and do what we're doing?"

Wilcox is concerned that they look experiences in other communities. 

Mattson: Speaks about the infrastructure, he thinks the City does a pretty good job with it, and keeps the rates reasonable. He suggests medical response - maybe not having a fire engine respond to all calls. He thinks it would be wise to tell the citizens to approve the .75¢ sales tax. [That is 3/4 of a penny.] He urges the Council to get ballot language started.

Sischka asks how they get ballot language ready?

Paladini thinks they need to have further discussion on a variety issues. He recommends they focus on simply the ballot language in a next meeting, probably Tuesday, the 21st. 

Lamar says there aren't other options that would make that much of a magnitude of a difference in the overall issue. 


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