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Be a Great & Healthy Neighbor in 2017

29 December 2016   David McAtee

Make 2017 a great year by resolving to improve your health by being a good neighbor

With 2016 done and 2017 to come, now is the time to make a resolution to do better for yourself and those around you by improving your health and Yavapai County Community Health Services (YCCHS) can show you how.

Help a neighbor by shopping and eating locally. You may have read earlier this year about how the Environmental Health Division of YCCHS made a big push to encourage restaurants to purchase healthy produce grown locally for use in their restaurants. By eating locally, you are not only helping local business owners but also local farmers. You are guaranteed the freshest produce, and help two local businesses with one meal. What a great way to be a good neighbor. The Environmental Health Division continues to look out for your best interest by inspecting all food facilities, hotels, and public pools, so you can eat, rest and swim with confidence. For inspection results visit

Sometimes your neighbor is also a family member, and you can help them out by considering the negative effects of smoking on your health. In case you lack the motivation to make 2017 the year you quit consider the following; Smoking is Addictive, deadly, expensive, gross, not cool, beatable and I hate to break this to you, it’s not all about you. Quit for them, the ones that are going to have to take care of you as you die from cancer. Call YCCHS today or Ashline at 1-800-55-66-222.

Another way to help out someone this year is to tell a new mom about the Women Infant and Children (WIC) program. WIC helps moms with nutrition education and checks to purchase healthy foods like whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, and milk. WIC is in need of new moms, so if you are one, or know one, please tell them to contact us as soon as possible at 928-771-3138.

If you don’t know a new mom, you can still help out by donating those coats that don’t quite fit anymore. If your closet is full of coats that “shrunk” over the holidays, YCCHS can help. We work closely with many organizations that take donated coats and winter is a good time to do just that.

If you have more than coats that have shrunk, it may be the time to find a walking buddy. YCCHS encourages children every October to get out of their routine and walk to school. Now it's your turn to start something healthy. If you can’t walk to school or work, grab a friend and go for a walk at lunch time, or after dinner. If you are interested in a slightly more adventurous walk, go on a “Trekabout.” These guided walks are led each week by professionals that will make sure you don’t do more than you should, or get lost along the way. Call 777-1121 for more information.

If you still lack motivation, take a free Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) class with someone in pain. Don't have a chronic condition yourself? No problem. Find a friend with Diabetes, Asthma, vertigo, or pain and help them get to the class. You both will benefit from one of our free 6-week courses. These classes offered in Yavapai County (YC), by many organizations, provide not just information but motivation as well. Subjects covered include: 1) Techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation, 2) appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance, 3) appropriate use of medications, 4) communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals, 5) nutrition, and, 6) how to evaluate new treatments.

You can also be a good neighbor and help protect those that can’t protect themselves by getting your flu shot, pertussis vaccination and getting your kids back to school shots when appropriate.

If after reading all of that you still don’t have any way of being a good neighbor this year watch for food recalls and other important updates from and the be one person in your family everyone looks to for up-to-the-minute healthy information. YCCHS gets hundreds of food recall notices each year, and they work very hard to make sure everyone in Yavapai County is aware of the recalls that apply specifically to YC. This includes researching what stores carried the recalled product and when our local stores pulled it from their shelves. We then put out a media release letting the local press do their job, but we also post these recalls on our website at as well as Facebook and Twitter. If you are not already following us, we suggest you go to right now and click the Facebook and Twitter logos. We also post helpful hints on how to be a good neighbor throughout the year so stay tuned and start helping.