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Lipstick and Legos – Gratitude

18 December 2016   Holli Maurer

Finding gratitude in simple things.

The other day one of my friends in Florida shared a post on Facebook about how she was recently at a grocery store and her toddler was reaching up to kiss her over and over. It prompted several people to stop her and tell her how heartwarming it was to see; and her observation was that our lives are desperate for love, smiles, kindness and physical touch these days. She absolutely hit the nail on the head. People need and yearn for these things, but our world is surrounded by negative thoughts and everyone seems to be out for blood on social media.

I realized after a little self-reflection last week that my blogs, often humorous, tend to take a negative spin sometimes. Last week was definitely not my most positive one; as it was labeled, Grinch, which I am, but I need to shift this week’s blog.

These are the things I love and found gratitude in today.

  • This morning driving to work, Little had been silent (I had immediate immense gratitude about that fact alone) and after about five minutes chimed in and said, “momma, do we have an attic?” I told him we did, and he replied that his “heart hurt,” because he had misinformed his teacher about whether we did. I felt immediately overwhelmed with emotion as I could see him having sensitive emotions and growing as an individual. He also asked me if there were “crusty old things” in it. He made me laugh out loud.
  • I got to work and there was a family taking pictures in front of our Christmas tree. There was an older man in a uniform, a woman wearing a beautiful dress, and two younger girls. I went over and put my coffee down and offered to take their picture so that they whole family could be in the shot. The girls explained that their brother was being commissioned into the US Airforce today, and the Great Grandfather was here in uniform to give him his first salute. Heart warmed immediately.
  • The rain turned into snow today. While this is usually cause for panic and total disgust in my life, today I sat inside with my team members and a warm cup of coffee, watching it come down. We were all inside, we were all cozy, and there was holiday music playing. It was one of those perfect moments at work. Everyone was getting along, everyone was laughing and the snow was coming down all around us. It wasn’t chaotic and everyone seemed to be “in the moment.”
  • I resolved conflict with my best friend, and I handled it like a champ. I put on my Big Girl Pants and shared my opinion. I listened without judgement and didn’t argue. This is a huge step for me, so be proud.
  • Little announced today when he got in the car that he wanted to move to Ear-Up (Europe), or “another planet not of this world.” When I asked him why, he reported simply that he knew that “both these places had forests,” and he “just wanted to go search for chameleons.” His imagination gives me hope in our future and reminds me that every now and then, I need to REALLY listen to him and his brother and not take moment like this for granted.
  • Santa. I took Little to see Santa this evening. When we got there, Santa was reading “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” (how appropriate for me!) to a group for about five children with Downs Syndrome. They were elated to be sitting on the floor with Santa; and nothing gave me greater cheer than watching them interact with Kris Kringle.
  • My puppy’s wet kisses. Chi greeted me today with the wettest of kisses and was overjoyed to see me. I take for granted that he loves me unconditionally and no matter how long he’s been locked in his crate, or how cranky I am when I get home; he always has his tail going a mile a minute and loves me to pieces. I’m excited beyond belief to get home and wait for him to wrap himself in his little Chi ball in the crook of my neck all night long while I sleep. He’s little, but he’s fierce. He’s the protector of the house, and to him, I’m grateful.
  • Mary Kay lip gloss. There’s not enough words to describe how amazing it is. Nothing beats a good lip gloss that makes you feel pretty. ‘Nuff said.
  • My earbuds vibrating from loud reggae music. I can get through so much work thanks to reggae. I can feel my body jumping as I work out of just habit. When I catch myself bouncing uncontrollably, I break out into a smile; and I figure, if that’s my reaction to any music than it’s worth listening to.
  • The little girl sitting next to me at gymnastics right now. She just told me that my eyes were the “most beautiful eyes she had ever seen,” and that they were “even prettier than all the princesses in all the world.” I mean…swoon. Thanks, chica. You’ve literally made my entire day better.
  • Lularoe Leggings. I’m proudly sporting buttery leggings with saguaro cacti. The saguaro cacti are wearing Santa hats. Yep. Santa hats. And yep, I’m super proud of them. I’m more proud of them because of my strange addiction to them and the fact that I own upwards of 15 crazy designs. Everywhere I go, no matter how ridiculous the pattern, I get compliments. They make me feel good.

Today, in the midst of my Grinchiness, I am grateful. I am grateful for the roof over my head, my job that makes me know what it’s like to feel secure, and I’m grateful for having another day with my awesome family. I am thankful that I have such a good relationship with Big and Little; even if they both leave next week for Christmas with their dad. I am grateful that even with them being gone, I will be surrounded by love. My co-workers and I will spend LOTS of time together (lucky them) and I will be with my family on Christmas another year; and for that I owe a million thank you’s.