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Breaking: Jury Votes Unanimously in Favor of the City in KayAnne Riley Case

16 December 2016  

The verdict is in!

The City of Prescott has successfully defended itself in the KayAnne Riley vs. City of Prescott and former Mayor Marlin Kuykendall case. The jury delivered a unanimously verdict in favor of the City. 

After the verdict was announced, Mayor Kuykendall stated, "Its been a long 6 years, but sometimes it takes a long time to get it right. Both Tana and I are very happy at the verdict for ourselves and the City of Prescott. Our attorney, Jim Jellison did a super job for the city.” 

“Of course we are thrilled with the verdict,” Jim Jellison, attorney for the City and Kuykendall said. “But, it just affirms what we’ve known all along for the last 6 years. The City of Prescott and Mayor Kuykendall had nothing to do with Ms. Riley’s employment.”

There is no word whether or not Riley intends to appeal the verdict. 

KayAnne Riley wore a paper bag over her head while protesting at City Hall.
She claimed the protest was the reason she was fired

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