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Venus Drive Fire Destroys Garage, But Home Was Saved

02 December 2016   Conrad Jackson, Prescott Fire Department

Structure Fire on Venus Drive

At 7:30pm Thursday night Prescott and Central firefighters responded to a structure fire at a home in the 300 block of Venus Drive of the Prescott Heights subdivision after the homeowner called and reported having a fire in their attached garage. The first arriving engine found the garage of the home fully involved with fire and fire rolling out of the garage’s windows. That engine was able to deploy a hose line to the garage and douse the fire while it was still contained to the garage. Additional arriving engines searched the home’s basement and attic for any possible extension into other areas of the home but found that the fire was isolated to the garage. Three engines, one ladder truck, two division chiefs, two investigators, and one utility truck responded to the scene for a total of seventeen personnel. The contents of the garage were a total loss but the remainder of the home was saved and suffered only minor smoke odor damage. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

As a safety message, it should be noted that when the homeowner realized they had a fire in their home they immediately called 9-1-1 and had all the family members exit the home. All of the family stayed together and did not try to reenter the home to retrieve any valuables. This helped the firefighters focus on the firefighting aspect of the situation and they did not need to dedicate firefighters to conduct a rescue search. Some firefighters were able to enter the home and safely retrieve valuables such as computers for the homeowner. Parents are encouraged to speak with their children about having a meeting spot outside the home where all the members of the family can gather and account for everyone in the event of a fire.