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12 Power Shopping Tips for It-Used-to-be-Black-Friday

22 November 2016  

Looking for amazing deals? Black Friday just may be the day to find them.

It’s time to make a list, check it twice and get to the stores for some of the best deals of the year. However, the tradition of hitting the stores at 12:00 AM Friday morning, is no longer necessary, since the store sales are all encroaching on Thanksgiving Day. (Is nothing sacred any more?) As a matter of fact, many stores are spreading their deals out over the entire week. So, it’s time to change your mindset from Black Friday to Thanksgiving week.

As an aside, don’t forget that Saturday is #ShopSmall - a day where you are encouraged to shop at small, local businesses. Set aside some money for that! And of course, Monday is Cyber-Monday.

Grocery Stores:

First, just in case you run out of something, here are grocery store hours for Thanksgiving Day.

Frys will close Thursday at 5 PM, and reopen on Friday morning at 5 AM.

Safeway: Closing at 5 PM, opening at 5 AM on Friday morning.

Sprouts: Open from 7 AM - 4 PM on Thanksgiving. Reopening at 7 AM Friday morning.

Whole Foods: Open Thanksgiving Day from 8 AM - 12 noon. Reopening at 7 AM on Friday.

WalMart will remain open 24 hours.

Black Friday Power Shopping Tips’n'Tricks

1. Set a budget.

2. Use cash - it will help you stick to your budget and there won’t be huge bills to face later on or nasty surprises on your bank statement. You can place the right amount of cash in different envelopes for separate stores. (Don’t forget to save about 10% extra for tax.) Make a bonus envelope for deals that you find on the spur of the moment. Ready for extreme budgeting? Leave your bank cards at home.

3. Go through the ads carefully, make a list, then put your list on your phone to take with you.

4. Compare your list items with online prices. (It might not be such a great deal after all.)

5. Take a photo of the ad item you want with your phone in advance so you don’t forget. Plus you can use that photo to show the clerk what you are looking for if you can’t find it.

6. Be prepared to walk away from even the greatest deal if it means that it will take too much time to stand in line and pay. No worries, Cyber-Monday is coming.

7. Create a map for your shopping trip, plotting out the most efficient travel routes.

8. Keep wrapping paper, ribbons, tags, scissors and tape in your vehicle. A Sharpie would be helpful, too. When you’ve hit all the stores and made all your purchases, stop and get a cup of coffee or something hot, then start wrapping from the back of your car. By the time you get home, not only will your shopping be done, but everything will be all wrapped. You’ll have no worries about family members getting a sneak peak!

9. You could avoid a lot of hassle by doing your shopping online. Some stores will allow you to order earlier than Thursday. You have a larger selection of stores to choose from, too, because you can shop at stores that aren't located locally. Just make sure the shipping is guaranteed by Christmas. (Hint: Zulily might not be the best choice here. Great products, but #TakesForever.)

10. Download phone apps for the retail stores. There might be deals in the app that you don’t get otherwise.

11. Don’t forget Groupon! They have some pre-Black Friday deals and a phone app.

12. Be safe and secure. Carry your purse with you at all times, do not leave it in the cart. Be sure to lock your car. Don’t leave packages in plain sight. According to, 28% more off-premise thefts occur on Black Friday than on any other day. Trust me, you don’t have time for that! (Another plus for shopping online, just sayin’.)

Black Friday Ads

Here are links and info for your shopping convenience!

JCPenney: Store opens at 3 PM on Thursday
Black Friday Ad
Phone app? Yes

Best Buy: Store opens at 5 PM Thursday - 1 AM Saturday morning. Reopens again at 8 AM on Friday.
Black Friday ad
Phone app? Yes

WalMart: Store opens at 6 PM Thursday
Black Friday Ad
Pre-Black Friday Ad
Phone app? Yes

Target: Store opens at 6 PM Thursday
Black Friday ads
Phone app? Yes

Kohl’s: Opens at 6 PM Thursday
Black Friday ads
Phone app? Yes

Sears: Store opens at 6PM Thursday
Black Friday ad
Phone app? Yes

Ulta: Stores open at 6 PM
Black Friday ad
Phone app? Yes

Bed, Bath and Beyond
Black Friday ad
Phone app? Yes

Ross Dress for Less: Stores open on Thursday at 6 PM
No Black Friday ad
Phone app? No

Even though it’s an online-only vendor, Amazon isn’t waiting around for Cyber Monday. They’re promoting “Black Friday” deals all week. Here’s the link for their Cyber Monday deals, which will be revealed after Thanksgiving.

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