Today: Apr 04 , 2020

Letter to the Editor: Thank You, Poll Workers!

15 November 2016   Leslie Hoffman

More than 400 individuals served as Poll Workers in the Yavapai County Vote Centers.

The Yavapai County Elections and Recorders office would like to take a moment to honor and thank the 400+ individuals in our community who committed to serve as Poll Workers in our Vote Centers this year. 

Being a Poll Worker is not an easy task. Their training is rapid, and the information they must learn is vast and ever changing. Poll Workers are members of the public from all walks of life. They are not government employees; they are your friends and neighbors, veterans, retirees, your children’s teachers, even local high school and college students, who have all donated a large portion of their time to learn about and assist in the electoral process.  They have exchanged time typically spent on work, school, family, and day to day parts of life, for online and in person training classes, reading manuals, meetings with fellow poll workers, and a long and tiresome 15+ hour Election Day. They do this not for the meager pay, or for our department, but to uphold the principles of our great nation, and to protect a valuable and highly regarded privilege in our country: the right to vote. The work is largely considered an act of civic duty, and it is absolutely vital to our ability to serve you. 

We’d like take a moment to appreciate and thank these wonderful people for their time, their commitment, and their willingness to serve us all. We could not do it without you.  

Thank you Poll Workers! 

Lynn, Angie, Laura, Les, Chris, Carol Jo, Vanessa, Matt and Leslie